May the Road Rise with You

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Go n-éirí an bother leat.

May the road rise with you.


Irish CountrysideI couldn’t be more Irish if I tried… Irish on both sides of my family tree, back to the dawn of time… so Irish, in fact, that we even have a family Banshee.  So how could I not take this lovely St. Patrick’s Day to wish you the best of Irish Blessings.  The Irish have such  a long and cherished tradition of kindness and generosity toward family, friends and strangers, alike, that proffered verbal  blessings have blossomed with as much fertility as everything else in the Emerald Isle.  This fact, combined with Irish loquaciousness and their love of beauty and poetry, has resulted in such an abundance of  good wishes to be shared at the drop of a shamrock, that the task of picking favorites becomes quite a lengthy and loving  adventure.  Herewith, a few of my own faves to wish you the  joy of  soft rain and easy roads…of a full glass and a full heart… of laughter to cheer you and all you love near you…and a direct line to your Guardian Angel for those occasions  when a helping hand or the brush of a wing would be just what you need to see you through…

Or to put it another, very Irish way,  may a pocket full of gold be the least of your riches,

Old Irish Blessing

Irish House Blessing

Irish Prayer

Blessing of Love and Laughter

Blessing of a Generous Heart

All Purpose Blessing

And a few that are short, but, nonetheless, sweet in their intent…

Stony Path Strong Shoes and Full Moon on a Dark Night


A Guardian Angel Always Near

 And because we Irish are as practical, as we are whimsical:


Those Who Love Us


 © Cathy Cash Spellman/The Wild Harp & Co. Inc 2012


Posted on March 17th 2012 in The Philosopher’s Teacup

6 Responses to “May the Road Rise with You”

  1. Gerry Says:

    Top o the mornin’ to ye! I’m wearing the green!

  2. Cathy Says:

    And to you, my dear! But to tell the truth, with your face and mine, we don’t need to wear green to tell the world we’re Irish. Have fun today…I think there’s a special dispensation for merriment!

  3. Alice and josseph Says:

    Thank you lovely friend for the many blessings and pictures of the green land . We miss the green this time of year. Friends are coming for a meal and we’ll be lifting our glasses and thinking of you on this fair night.

  4. Cathy Says:

    How lovely to hear from you! So pleased the photos of the green hills evoked happy memories for you, as they did for Dakota and me. Thanks for the lifted glass and the sweet wishes with it…I hope this year showers many of those dear Irish blessings on both our cottages…

  5. JEAN RICH Says:





  6. Cathy Says:

    Thank you, my dear Jeannie! I hope every Irish Blessing is yours this St. Patrick’s day and throughout the year.
    Love, Cathy

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