Christmas Past

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Christmas DecorationsThe ghosts of Christmas past 

Wandered by my tree just now

A cup of tea in hand, I stopped

To admire the sweetness of the nearly trimmed tree

And there you were

My Mommy and Daddy

Young and shiny, hopeful as when

On Christmas morning I’d open the presents

You’d saved to buy.

Hoping I’d love your gifts

and be filled with safety by them

Christmas sceneThe toys, the skates, the dolls

You never had, but longed to give

In absolute good heartedness,

Unselfish joy wrapped into every box.

I longed to make you happy in return.


So here I sit alone with you long gone

And this tree that seems to have the power

To reach across the years, wondering

Will I be the ghost of Christmas past for my children

As you are for me?

I want to thank you from my deepest place

For the seeds of joy planted long ago

That sprout anew each December

When others rail against

The crass commercialism


Christmas Decoration And the artificial snow

I see none of that.

I hear instead the carols sung off key

Together by the fire

See the glow of candles

Hear the bells ring out across the cold, crisp air

Smell the incense Christmas morning

Feel the laughter and the love

That poured from your kind hearts

In hopes of making Christmas memorable.


Well you succeeded.

Better than you know


© Cathy Cash Spellman/The Wild Harp & Co., Inc.

Posted on December 16th 2011 in Family, The Philosopher’s Teacup

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  1. Rocco Charrier Says:

    HI friends, We found your webpage and We to remember its a wonderful spot around here and I want to congratulate You are great. Please continue all the great work.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Rocco!

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