Like Cures Like…Exploring Homeopathy

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“The Law of Similars:  That which can make you ill can also cure you.”

– Dr. Samuel Hahnemann


When I was 21 or so I met a famous fashion photographer named Edgar de Evia.  He was sophisticated, worldly, creative and simply fabulous.  I’d never met anyone remotely like him.  His grandfather had been President of the Yucatan when it was a separate country from Mexico, and he’d spent his youth in Paris and London studying extraordinary things:  Orgone Energy, Metaphysics, Theosophy, Homeopathy, and how to cook chicken 863 ways – or so it seemed to me, who frequently dined at his home and never had anything there but chicken, and never was it cooked the same way twice!  He offered to teach me any of this I cared to know about, so I drank in a great deal of knowledge, neither Weehawken, New Jersey, nor higher education had provided.  

Edgar told me that Homeopathy, which he had studied and practiced for many years, under the tutelage of a famous European Homeopath, began with the story of its founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  Here’s a little of what he told me…

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Bathing Shopportunities!

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BathsI didn’t expect the response I’ve gotten to my Cathy Takes to the Tub blog!  Oodles of emails have asked for more info and where to find the goodies that go into the tub to heal, soothe, excite, delight, whatever!  The following list will give you general information about where to find Essential Oils and Herbs, Flower Essences, Muds and Salts, as well as Homeopathic remedies. 

Before you shop, I urge you to find a good book on the subject of how to use all this Natural Bounty safely, as some oils and herbs can be irritating if used to excess, and others must never be used during pregnancy. I intend to do a book on the subject later this year, if time permits.  You can also find a good deal of information on-line at many of the sites you’ll find links for in the list that follows.

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Cathy Takes to the Tub


Woman in TubAt the top of my list of accessible help for much of life’s dis-ease, are healing baths.  And I confess they head the list because they’re not only therapeutic, they’re really pleasurable.  It’s part aromatherapy, part herbalism, part homeopathy, and all it takes to have these beautiful baths at your fingertips is to keep on hand a small larder of essential oils, herbs and homeopathic remedies.  When you see how easily they turn the tide for the body, mind or spirit, I predict you’ll be just as pleasurably hooked as I am.

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Loving Love Poetry


Book HeartYou can’t grow up to be a writer of love stories, if you aren’t an incurable romantic.

Despite my own history of picking lemons in the Garden of Love – and oxytocin notwithstanding – I’ve found that I need to believe in true love.  I have seen it – not often – but enough to believe it possible.  My Apache friends say you only need to see one white crow to know all crows are not black. 

In the darker days when heartbreak threatened to teeter me into cynicism about true love, and I almost succumbed to a disbelief in its very existence, it comforted me to remember that much of the world’s greatest love poetry had been penned by men – ergo, somewhere, sometime there have been men who loved-deeply, truly and forever.  So it isn’t an impossible dream (at least that’s what I told myself.)  One White Crow, is all you need.

So I offer you just a few of my favorite love poems for your heart’s delight:

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Biology in the Bedroom


Young CoupleEver wonder why women have sex and think they’ve fallen in love, while men have sex and think they’ve just had sex?  I may have stumbled onto an answer worth passing along.  I’m not sure I can affect anything in the interaction of the genders by making this information public, but if it could simply make women more aware of the source of our own vulnerabilities, perhaps it would be worthwhile knowledge to possess.

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The Easiest Way to Stay Healthy


“What if I told you, you could stay healthy and live longer, simply by doing 10 minutes of easy Chinese energy exercises a day?  Would you do it?”



These exercises are so simple, it seems impossible to believe their power to change your life and health in just 10 minutes a day.  A legendary Martial Artist taught them to me, and believed firmly, that daily practice could keep a person healthy, balanced and strong into extreme old age.  I watched him, while in his 80’s, fight (and win!) against several young, strong, well-trained Black Belts in simultaneous hand to hand combat, so I decided to follow his lead.  Preserving strength and vigor into old age sounds just great to me, and… so far, so good!  It’s really all about circulating energy (Qi).

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Life Outside the Box


EnergyAs you already know about me, I was born with a caul, so it wasn’t considered odd in an Irish family that I could see force fields around people, plants, things – not in color most of the time — but rather as some kind of exquisite electrical emanations.  The whole world of matter seemed to me to be in molecular motion – no solid object really solid — all the world around me made up of zillions upon zillions of rapidly moving infinitesimal particles.  I thought this simply meant I had better eyesight than those who couldn’t see the particles or their movement, but it really never occurred to me that it wasn’t the truth of how the world worked.  Years later, when I became seriously involved in alternative healing, martial arts and Chinese medicine, I realized that most of the practitioners of all these modalities shared my gift, and that most ancient cultures relied on the ability to see energy as a requirement for anyone who aspired to be a healer. Continue reading “Life Outside the Box” »

Memories of My Father

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Papa opening Christmas presentsI’ve been thinking about my Father a lot this Holiday Season.  Missing him… wishing he were here with me and Dakota to watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time.

Papa was a rare bird.  He laughed a lot and taught me useful things… how to hang storm windows… how to recite poetry with passion… how to love every minute of being alive.

He had a way about him… a kind of gentle poetry of being.  Not a namby-pamby-Ashby-Wilkes gentlemanliness, but the sturdy, stalwart kind that men of “The Greatest Generation” seemed to have.  The “protect the family, save the world for democracy, go to church on Sunday, play pinochle with the men in the family, roll up your sleeves, fix the toaster or your skinned knee” kind of benevolence that makes a person feel safe and loved.  Continue reading “Memories of My Father” »

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My New Year’s Resolution


papa standing in the doorwayI can’t think of a better New Year’s Resolution than to try to live up to the gentle truths of my father’s philosophy, so I’d like to offer them to you in this little poem I wrote about him, both as a loving remembrance, and as a tribute to the kind of old fashioned values that could change the world for the better in a heartbeat, if we could only find the courage to believe it would make the difference.  Continue reading “My New Year’s Resolution” »

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Christmas Past


Christmas DecorationsThe ghosts of Christmas past 

Wandered by my tree just now

A cup of tea in hand, I stopped 

To admire the sweetness of the nearly trimmed tree

And there you were

My Mommy and Daddy

Young and shiny, hopeful as when

On Christmas morning I’d open the presents 

You’d saved to buy. Continue reading “Christmas Past” »

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Christmas Thoughts….On the Virtue of Being Naïve


A friend chided me gently at lunch the other day for being naïve at my advanced age, and tending to believe the best of people.  At first, I was hurt, then I tried to decide if she might be trying in her kindly way, to help me.  A friend’s eye is a good mirror, they say, and she’s a most beloved friend. Continue reading “Christmas Thoughts….On the Virtue of Being Naïve” »

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The Timeline of Dreams


Life breaks everyone’s heart somehow, somewhere in time.  Betrayal or death or illness or failure or war or most any tragedy can do the deed.  The question is what happens then?  In that dark night of the spirit, how do we live till morning?  How do we resilient, courageous, fragile, faltering humans take our licks and still survive?  Or even prevail, and manage to live or love again? Continue reading “The Timeline of Dreams” »

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List for Dakota


DakotaMy daughter Dakota is just about to graduate from college, and I have the awful maternal fear that I might have forgotten to tell her something that’s really important. So I made a list. 

I know the accumulation of wisdom is a lifelong task and can’t be hurried or culled from someone else’s hands – but maybe it can be supported by the good will of one who truly loves you. At least, I hope so. These thoughts probably don’t have much to offer her at this moment of youthful discovery and untried freedoms, but maybe one day, a while from now, she’ll look at them again and understand what I’d hoped would sustain her, as she climbs life’s mountains. Like an On-Star System to turn to some dark night on a lonely road, where the path is not quite as clear as it seems today, and the task of finding the way home seems daunting.

The original list held 100 hopes, but I’ve picked out 25 today, because this seems like the time of year when introspection and wishes for those we love, intersect. If any reader would like to see the rest, please let me know.

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Holiday Happiness Starts Now…


I love the holidays with all my heart.  I wait all year, anticipatory as a child, to be able to play Christmas carols without apologies.  Truth is, from November through New Year’s, my life takes on an incandescence undreamed of in the rest of my work-a-day year.  Music, decorations, lights, tinsel, a lifetime’s worth of carefully wrapped treasures – all find their way out of attic or basement, and into a house made magical by the memory of Christmas Past. Continue reading “Holiday Happiness Starts Now…” »

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What Price Beauty

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I spent a lot of years in the Beauty/Fashion industry… I starved myself like everyone else did.  Looking beautiful and sexy was a different kind of nourishment, and I made the tradeoff gleefully.  But looking back, I’ve had lots of second thoughts about the unrealistic dream of beauty we’ve left our daughters.  Real women don’t look like the retouched ones in magazines.  Strong women can’t live on a starvation diet.  Able-bodied women can’t run or walk, or protect themselves, should they need to, in 6 inch stiletto heels. Continue reading “What Price Beauty” »

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