Why Is My Company

Called The Wild Harp?



Naming a company is like naming a baby…fraught with emotional and, if you’re mystically inclined,  numerological nuances.  I chose the name Wild Harp because it comes from an Irish ballad I’ve loved since childhood.  It’s about a heroic minstrel who fights for truth and freedom, two of my favorite ideals.

In ancient and medieval Ireland, minstrels or bards  were lauded for their poetry, music and knowledge – so much so,  they were fed, housed and celebrated wherever they roamed. To harm a minstrel was a capital offense, and to this day, writers are exempt from taxation because their gifts of song and story are considered national treasures.

What could possibly be a better name for an entity based on creativity, I asked myself when launching my fledgling business? And so, in 1982, The Wild Harp began to weave  words into businesses & books… and has done so most joyously ever since.

The Wild Harper invites you to peruse her Business Credentials and her Client List.