Author’s Note:

In the telling of Lark’s Labyrinth, a great many years of research have woven themselves into my story, and several of the tales within my story were already the stuff of legends, so it’s not always easy to mark the boundaries of fact and fiction. But that said, I’d like to set the record straight as best I can.

The Facts:

The Spear of Longinus is a genuine historical artifact that has been passed from hand to hand through the centuries since the Crucifixion.  It has been owned by many powerful rulers, each of whom believed it conveyed the power to rule the world.  Each of the rulers mentioned here actually possessed the Spear and history has confirmed their belief in its magic.

There are actually several candidates for the title Spear of Longinus that have surfaced over the centuries, and needless to say, no one knows which, if any, is the genuine Jesus Spear.  But the one that became Hitler’s obsession, which he called The Heilege Lance, is the one that launched me into my research and then into the creation of my story.  To protect it from theft, Hitler had an exact replica made.  You might say this was my entry into Lark’s Labyrinth. 

General George Patton actually uncovered the Spear of Longinus, beneath St. Katherine’s Church in Nuremberg in April 1945.  Against direct orders to return it to Washington, he instead personally carried it to the Hapsburg family, without explanation of why he’d chosen to disobey his orders, other than to say, the Spear belonged to them and he felt it was his duty to return it.

No one knows if he found the original or the counterfeit, which Hitler had commissioned to avoid theft.  It was this historical fact which allowed me my leaping off point for my fictional story.  I exercised considerable poetic license to posit that Patton might have wished to keep so potent an object of power out of the hands of the venal men of government, and there is absolutely no historical evidence to suggest he was complicit in any way, in allowing a spear-napping to take place.

The poem, Through a Glass Darkly,which is referred to but not quoted in the book was actually indeed written by General Patton, and it is quite true that he believed in reincarnation, and spoke to colleagues about remembering many of his former lifetimes, in which it seems, he had always been a soldier.

Adolf Hitler and the Occult. There is considerable evidence, in both mundane and esoteric literature, to suggest that Hitler was a serious practitioner of Black Magic.  He established a Nazi Occult Bureau called Ahnenerbe, and the Thule Society was a real organization, whether or not it continued after the war has been the subject of considerable speculation.  The quotes from Mein Kamph and Dietrich Eckart’s memoirs are genuine, and there is evidence that high ranking members of the SS, and both Hitler’s and Himmler’s personal staffs, were expected to take occult blood oaths, and to participate in serious magical ritual.  As to the uses of the energies of suffering and dying in the concentration camps for occult purposes, there is no way to prove that this was the case, but it has long been believed by those who study both the Dark and the Light Magical Arts, that the energy of this suffering may have been used for occult purpose in much the same way it is used in a Black Mass.

Needless to say, there is no need to speculate on the extent of the evil perpetrated by the Nazis, the Gestapo, the SS and the Concentration Camp administrators and medical personnel – this is an evil so well documented and so vast, it quite simply defies imagination.

The Nazi Hunters. The Nazis who escaped Nuremberg are still being hunted and found.  Despite the advanced ages of these men and women, many have lived and prospered in their new identities, often with new faces gleamed from plastic surgery, as well.  Both the CIA and the Vatican have much to answer for in the help they provided to doctors, scientists and other politically powerful Nazis, who wished to avoid just punishment for their crimes, and had something to trade for their escape from Justice.  (See New York Times recent articles and Wikileaks, too.)

Operation Paperclip is all too real and is documentable by historical fact.  The internet and the library are filled with material on this subject if you care to dig, although there is still a great deal of material that is, even now, classified Top Secret.

The Vatican is a complex world of both religious and political power.  Its tempestuous history is well documented for any who care to pursue such knowledge.  The assassination of Pope John Paul has been speculated upon but never been proven.  So many unusual circumstances surrounded his death and its aftermath, that a great deal of speculation has been made both inside the Church and out, about whether the death was natural or an assassination.  His 33 day reign as Pontiff and the curious circumstances surrounding his demise, are certainly odd enough to engender questions like the ones I’ve raised in my story.

Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli) was Papal Nuncio to Berlin before becoming Pope.  He was known to be sympathetic to Germany and there were documented instances in which he entertained members of the German High Command during the war.  He was conspicuous in his unwillingness to condemn the treatment of the Jews, and while his supporters claim this was necessary in order to protect the Vatican States from Nazi takeover, there is at least enough evidence to cast doubt on his motivations in remaining silent so long, on so heinous a crime against humanity.  There is a good deal of evidence available on both sides of this issue, if it interests you, as the story of Pius XII’s Beatification and plausible Canonization is quite real, and is happening now.

Occult Hunting Lodges have been spoken and written of, for centuries.  Dion Fortune, one of the most famous and respected mystics of the 20th century described them as secret magical lodges whose members devoted themselves to acting as an Occult Police Force, combating corrupt magical organizations and practitioners, and using their psychic gifts and magical training to further the highest ideals of humankind and to protect those who are on a Spiritual Path.

The History. I have endeavored to treat all historical research with diligence and respect.  Except for those times in which my fictional characters have visions, I have followed the facts of history as closely as my story allowed.  As to the Visions themselves, they are similar to those experienced by many of the faithful, of varied spiritual disciplines.  The conversation in which Hitler’s Personal Astrologer and Metaphysician Haushoffer is quoted about Hitler’s occult training based on an interview in a Russian newspaper.

All that said, this is, of course, a work of fiction and must be read as such.  I have tried to the best of my ability to be true to the spirit of the times from Calvary to now, and my characters have simply woven themselves into the fabric of historical times so extraordinary, that at times, the true history appears indistinguishable from fiction.