What’s Outside the Box?

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Bigstock_5447396My mother could foretell death, my daughter described her own death in heartbreaking detail a month before it happened, we had a family Banshee and my aunts tended to communicate by telepathy.  In short, we were Irish, so none of that was beyond the Pale of plausibility.

You can imagine why, coming from such a family, my being somewhat psychic didn’t seem particularly noteworthy to me in childhood, just interesting. I could frequently see glimpses of things before they happened, and had Far Memory of other lifetimes that were quite specific.  I could see force fields around people, plants, things – not in color most of the time – but rather as some kind of exquisite electrical emanations.  The whole world of matter seemed to me to be in molecular motion – no solid object really solid – all the world around me made up of zillions upon zillions of rapidly moving infinitesimal particles.  I thought this simply meant I had better eyesight than those who couldn’t see the particles or their movement, but it really never occurred to me that it wasn’t the truth of how the world worked.  Years later, when I began the serious study of Chinese Medicine and other alternative healing modalities, I realized such energy-sensitive sight was requisite in the healing world and not odd at all.

Sharing the Journey

blog6The good news for me is that all this led me on a lifelong journey into the unseen universe.  I’ve studied Astrology, Metaphysics and Shamanism as well as multiple forms of Alternative Medicine and had the privilege of studying with many great masters of esoteric knowledge:  doctors, healers, shamans, tribal medicine men and women, astrologers, and two mystics who were revered in their own cultures as Saints.  I would never try to convince anyone of the validity of what I’ve seen and experienced, but I do happily share the wealth of these learnings with those who are genuinely interested, because each new experience has reinforced my conviction that the Universe is a place that must be approached with wonder and with an exponentially open mind and heart.  Which brings me to a notion I’d like to run by you.

Intuition as a Useful Resource

Bigstock_16044605For centuries, the world wasn’t kind to Wise Women – the healers, seekers, seers, intuitives were viewed with suspicion by a male dominant world in which only logic was admired and the Unseen Universe was feared. Psychism and intuition were likely death sentences throughout much of history, as was healing ability, or a keen understanding of Nature’s secrets and the movements of the stars.  But that was then and this is now.  We’re all – men and women of 2013 – in the process of profound spiritual change and expansion.

So here’s my hypothesis:  What if  willingness to explore the subtler aspects of life – those that are not easily visible to the eye, but rather to the heart and soul – is an enormous untapped resource for the future good of humankind?

As everyone’s worldview and consciousness grows broader in the next generation,  I believe we’ll have to reach far beyond ordinary reality to find extraordinary solutions to our human and planetary dilemmas.  We’re moving into a time of deep and radical change, so I’d like to suggest the notion that willingness to think, feel and explore outside the box may be uniquely useful tools to help us challenge the givens, so we can raise the bar on the future in unexpected ways.

Alternative Thinking

Bigstock_19543919If all humankind can expand consciousness beyond the merely ordinary and quantifiable – just as quantum physics can now embrace new paradigms for a physical reality that doesn’t fit the old rules of molecular behavior — surely brilliant new solutions to old dilemmas can be found and implemented.

Alternative healing, alternative spirituality, quantum physics and theoretical mathematics are all opening new doorways of perception for us.  The success of Star Wars, The X-Files, Fringe, The Matrix, Cloud Atlas and many other brilliant sci-fi speculations about the true nature of the Universe and reality itself are making quantum concepts seem almost mainstream.  What was once far out is now within reach of those willing to think outside the box and beyond the boundaries of our current understanding of time/space.

Maybe the Chinese sage Lao Tsu said it best, “No idea can be considered valuable until a thousand people have laughed at it.”

 © Cathy Cash Spellman/The Wild Harp & Co. Inc 2013

Posted on January 25th 2013 in Alternative Healing, Complimentary medicine, Family, Metaphysics

4 Responses to “What’s Outside the Box?”

  1. Gerry Says:

    I just had The Message sent to my Kindle. Now I almost wish it would snow a lot so I wouldn’t have to go to work, but just sit home and read The Message.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Delighted you’ll be reading The Message, Gerry…can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it. We, who are Irish, seem to understand Otherworldly messages in a special way. I hope this one strikes a chord for you.

  3. anne marie chapman Says:

    It’s so wonderful to find a kindred spirit. I feel that I’ve found my family…thank you.

  4. Cathy Says:

    And Thank YOU, Anne Marie, for your lovely comment… I’m so very happy my blog spoke to your spirit.

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