Virgo Star SignVirgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, reason, expression and quick-wittedness.  In Virgo, Mercury asserts itself by bestowing on its children the capacity for details and meticulous attention to specifics.  It also makes you industrious and conscientious in business and life, a combination that’s very hard to beat.

You, dear Virgo, have an intuitive gift for finance and tend to drive a hard bargain.  You can be a tough but fair boss and you expect quite a lot of your subordinates, but you also care deeply about others’ well-being and will be quick to offer assistance to an associate in need.

Health is an issue for Virgo because of its connection to the Sixth House of the Zodiac, so Virgoans can be great healers or great hypochondriacs, depending on their individual charts, as health interests you on a cosmic level.  If you choose to use your gift of healing energy in its most positive way, you can bring a heightened sense of wellbeing to all around you.  Many brilliant diagnosticians and surgeons are Virgos.

Analyze This

The analytical prowess of Virgo is legendary and this carries over into health as well.  Anatomically, this analytical capacity is mirrored in the functioning of the pancreas, intestines and digestive organs which break down food to its smallest components and assimilate what’s needed, while discarding what is no longer useful, a superb metaphor for Virgo’s approach to life.

You’re drawn by your nature to partnership, whether in marriage or business, and you need to dignify your relationships with contracts or marriage licenses that give you – at least for the moment – a sense of safety and completion.

Tradition holds that the glyph for Virgo represents the female generative organs in a Virgin state, and both refinement and purification are Virgo goals in many areas of experience.  The pleasure you find in refinement is usually evident in your surroundings, and while you are not nearly as neat as people think you are, your need for order in all intellectual areas of your personal world is intense.  You tend toward immensely high standards that many can’t measure up to, so part of what you’ve come here to learn in a Virgo lifetime is the generosity in relationship that allows others to be fully themselves, even if they do things in a haphazard way that sets your teeth on edge.

Critical Thinking

bigstock-researcher-testing-the-water-q-48959174It is important that you take care not to let yourself slip into the role of cosmic critic, as your analytical mind can make you a hard taskmaster for those who can’t keep up with you and you may not fully realize how your criticism can wound those who take it to heart.  You may find as life evolves that you’ll derive more satisfaction from helping others to succeed, than in fault-finding them into submission because they can’t do things quite as well as you can.  You have a genuine and kindly desire to do service for humanity and when you let your soft side show you can invoke healing for others in ways that may surprise even you. 

Virgos so often get a bad rap – people tease you that being born to do details and being a wiz with numbers, orderliness and accounting are your inevitable fate.  But you know that’s only a small part of the picture (as that messy desk of yours clearly attests).  You want to shout to the world, “That’s not a fair assessment – we Virgos have noble standards… we can be great healers… great philosophers, and brilliant bosses, capable not only of managing and organizing, but of truly caring.”  And you’d be right on all counts.

Be of good cheer, Virgos – your perseverance will most likely assure that you get amply rewarded for your intellect and fine work.

Virgo and Health

bigstock-Diet-Dieting-concept-Healthy-43909216Mercury, your planetary ruler, was a great healer as well as a fleet-winged messenger.  You tend to be well blessed in health, provided you keep an eye on your diet, as any emotional ups and downs can land in your digestive tract and on occasion, your nervous system can be affected by your stress-quest for perfection.  While your mind is a marathon-runner, you have a tendency toward sedentary occupations, so try to find an activity that’s pleasurable enough for you to do it steadily.  Mercury has most likely bestowed an earthy and robust health on you, and you owe it to yourself to keep this in high gear by paying attention to the details of food, drink, exercise and rest.

Virgo and Love

bigstock-Hearts-58827098With your sense of duty keeping you at the office til all hours, you tend to date people you meet there, but it’s important that you remember to remain open to possibilities and not let your critical abilities make you too reticent to trust anyone fully.  The probability is that you’ll make a studied appraisal of each candidate for love and be more sensible than most, even if you’re head over heels.  You have a leg up on choosing the right long-term mate because your head and your heart can be in equal partnership.

Sexuality for you is a healthy, hearty enterprise that calls forth your earthiness in pleasurable ways.  You tend not to get so carried away by sex or love that you forget to make sensible choices.  In fact, you’re one of the more level-headed signs when it comes to what goes on between the covers.  You can be a wonderfully thoughtful and intuitive lover and whoever started that rumor that you’re so neat you make the bed if your lover gets up to get a drink of water was way off base.

Virgo and Career

bigstock-Head-Hunter--Recruiter-53104372You may gravitate toward business, finance or medicine – these are the paths most often followed by Virgo.  Your special talents in these areas are legendary.  But did you know that many brilliant writers and musicians – Ringo Starr, Leonard Bernstein for starters – share your sign.  To say nothing of Mother Teresa.  Truth is, the sky’s the limit for your career choices, but you’ll probably feel most content in work that allows you freedom, order, problem solving, and the opportunity to critique whatever needs critiquing! 

In general, your career is your strength and you’ll probably derive satisfaction from it no matter how much it demands of you.

Virgo and Finance

bigstock-Write-some-checks-to-make-paym-41096971Your earthy practicality and organizational skills are so valuable in business that everybody wants a Virgo in charge of their financial department.  But you know your skills go way beyond finance – they’re equally useful in all areas of creativity that benefit from an orderly, pragmatic and sensitive spirit at the helm.

Nonetheless, whatever your chosen path, finance is a gift you’ve been given, so make the most of this Virgo lifetime when your checkbook will probably always balance and you’ll most likely always have money in the bank.

Virgo and Friends

bigstock-summer-holidays-vacation-ha-63822094You tend to be a steadfast friend to those you really care about, but it takes a while before you let anyone new in under your guard.  You have a way with most other signs, although Pisces and Sagittarius may give you agita.  It’s important to choose friends who understand that even if you are exacting and sometimes picky, if they suddenly found themselves in the hooskow, you’re the kind of friend who would bake them a cake with a crowbar in it, and argue the judge into seeing the folly of his sentence.




Dates:                       Aug 24-Sep 23

Ruling Planet:          Mercury

Energy:                     Mutable

Element:                   Earth

Symbol:                    The Virgin

Strength:                 Analytical, dependable, willing to serve the higher good

Spirit:                       Feminine and receptive

Keywords:               Discernment, efficient service

Soul Message:         “I analyze”