bigstock-Bull-47000647The glyph for Taurus is the Bull – in metaphoric terms, it describes you to a T.  The archetypal Taurus is strong, steady, independent, earthy, stubborn and powerfully sexual.  Taurus is also a favorite of the Gods/Goddesses, as bulls abounded in ancient fertility rites and sacred ceremonies.  Even the magical Minataur who guarded the Divine Mother’s secrets in the Labyrinth of Crete, was reputedly a bull of mythic proportion and magical powers.

You were born knowing you’re a natural leader, and it’s sometimes hard for you to understand why the world doesn’t just let you get on with that.  Your deliberate, inexorable strength and pragmatism seem so blatantly sensible to you, it’s annoying that people sometimes choose to oppose you and resist your plans.  How silly of them, you say to yourself, as you dig in your hooves and use your stubborn persistence to defeat their resistance.  Ergo, in matters of career, very few ever get the better of you.  You love to work and you love to win so you’re a fierce competitor and like a bull in sheep’s clothing your benign exterior lets you cleverly surprise the competition.

A Romantic Heart

Bigstock_23749526Venus rules you, Taurus dear, so you’re just as loving as you are hardworking and tenacious.  You need beauty around you like you need air to breathe and food to eat.  A traditional home with gracious, elegant appointments feeds your soul, and your stability-quotient demands an orderly life with routines you can count on. 

Slow to anger, but fierce when aroused, your animal nature is usually held in check by your Venus-ruled love of beauty and love of love.  Simple and complex pleasures both enchant you – the joys of a beautiful home, a warm, welcoming hearth, a loving relationship and lots of fine food and drink – these are, in great measure, the components of Taurean contentment.

You crave comfort and pleasures to soothe you.  Green pastures make you feel replete and satisfied, but so do greenbacks, for the Taurean also loves the accumulation of possessions and money.  Conservative by nature, you understand that to make money isn’t enough – you must be able to keep money and make it grow.  There’s an earthy need to accumulate that’s so strongly aspected in your nature you must keep an eye on it spiritually so it doesn’t lead you into unbridled materialism.

Acquisition Instinct

Bigstock_3390767You tend to excel as financiers, merchants, builders and dealers – indeed any profession that offers an orderly means to acquire power, money and position the old-fashioned way – by hard work – is your métier.

Your stubbornness is legendary, as you well know.  When provoked or opposed you paw the earth, stand your ground, and woe betide anyone foolish enough to wave the red flag of battle.  You make a great and loyal friend or implacable enemy, as your indomitability can be a mighty two-edged sword.

Just as you cannot be pushed, you must not be rushed.  You need to observe, assimilate, digest and mull facts at your own pace.  While your intellect may be lightning swift, your canny, earthbound wisdom demands time for assessment, and as a master of strategy you never act until you’ve considered all sides of an issue to your own satisfaction. 

Taureans of both genders are admired for their Venusian beauty and their exquisite voices, as Taurus rules the throat in the physical body.

Taurus and Health

Bigstock_48562157For your own good, dear Taurus, I must admonish you in the health department.  You’re a sybarite, under all that serious, sensible exterior.  You want pleasure, sensual gratification, gourmet goodies and, let’s face it, you don’t love exercise.  Ergo, you tend toward couch-potatodom – yes, I know it’s a gorgeous couch with silk pillows and a cashmere throw, but still…

I promise you can have it all, just not everyday.  If you can find an exercise program that keeps you from taking root and becoming an oak tree, you can find pleasure in movement as well as in sitting on your chaise, and find a way to modify your diet so that the rich, full life you love doesn’t end up sabotaging your body.  But you’ve got to use your considerable smarts and determination in order to achieve this balance, as gratification of the Venusian senses and appetites is a big part of your nature and you’re stubborn enough to believe you can do it all your way and beat the odds.

Taurus and Love

Bigstock_49809302You’re complex in love, and just as stubborn as in the rest of your life.  Sensual, sexual, lovable, good natured though you are, you can be quite insecure about love and so deliberate in your actions that you often let the propitious moment slip by without declaring yourself.

Once you do declare your love, you throw yourself into the beloved with such powerful intensity that it’s mind-blowing for many signs – they may panic and run, or simply get swamped by the enormity of it.  You’re loyal and steadfast, passionate, sensual and will happily make love till the cows come home, but you must guard against over-possessiveness (He/she loves me like a rock, is not what you want said about you, ever).  If wronged in love you become nearly as deadly an enemy as Scorpio.  But if you find the right mate, you are one of the few signs not only capable of happily ever after, but looking forward to achieving it. 

Taurus and Career

Bigstock_45939439You’re an accumulator by nature, so any career that provides the art of the deal, the negotiation, the trade, the collection of money or goods is your wheelhouse.

You’re a great team player or team captain.  Reliable and inexorable, you’ll get to any goal you set, willing to work methodically for days, weeks, even years, whatever it takes to make the climb.

You build solid organizational structures and are quite demanding of subordinates that they toe the line – you think that’s only fair.  Fortunately, your affable good humor makes you a pleasant boss, just as your rigid sense of fair play makes you a decent one.

Don’t let your innate need for security lock you into a humdrum job, for while you don’t thrive on risk, you do need to avoid boredom – your mind is far too strategic and agile for the banal.  While you may appear to others to be moving slowly and ponderous, but the truth is that you’re steadily gaining ground and whatever you gain you seldom relinquish.

Taurus and Finance

Bigstock_48050309You excel at steady, incremental acquisition and accumulation, so buying, banking, real estate are perfect foils for your skills.  Your steady not-easily-swayed intellect and judicious powers of observation suit you well for the law and you could make a fine judge.

You don’t feel the need to look like the star – the place behind the throne suits you nicely, as it’s more protected, less obvious and frequently more powerful.  You steer clear of risks instinctively, but when you find yourself in a risky financial deal you sometimes win anyway, because you tenaciously hang on till the less-tenacious others lose heart or stamina and fall by the wayside.

You need to be self-watchful about your stubborn streak, of course, and you need to be self-honest to a fault.  Clinging to set patterns is a Taurean pitfall, as is remaining in old, played-out partnerships long after the juice is gone.

Taurus and Friends

Bigstock_58863857You’re a gregarious, social adept – Venus made sure of that.  You have no trouble finding friends and you choose the right ones well.  But, when it comes to confrontation you do have a bit of a cosmic challenge on your hands.  You like to get your own way, don’t you?  And you’re not above stubbornly insisting on your point of view no matter who gets trounced in the fray.  You need to realize, dear Taurus, that you carry a great deal of earthy power in your physical persona and this can be quite intimidating to others when you put your foot down.  As intimidation isn’t generally a means “to win friends and influence people,” you may have to practice tact and flexibility to give friends an even break.

On the plus side, your loyalty, jovial good nature and your genuine warmth and hospitality can make those closest to you happy to stand in your protective shadow, as it’s really a very comfy/cozy place to be.



Dates:                       April 21-May 21

Ruling Planet:          Venus

Energy:                     Fixed

Element:                   Earth

Symbol:                    The Bull

Strength:                 Powerful, steadfast, determined, loving 

Spirit:                       Careful and conservative leadership, patient,
                                 pragmatic, dependable

Keywords:               Strong-willed, earthy, romantic, lover of beauty

Soul Message:         “I accomplish”