Snowflake from the Hand of God


Q. This book is non-fiction, so very different from your novels – how did you come to write a book of philosophy?  And how have your readers responded to this new dimension in your writing?

Q.  Snowflake opens the door for so many discussions about the losses life can bring… divorce, illness, addiction, death and more… each topic could fuel a lively discussion because life chastens all of us, with these challenges.  How hard was it for you to decide to write this book and share your soul search with others?

Q.  Your website speaks of your daughter Cee Cee taking this book under her wing in the last year of her life, at a time when you didn’t intend it to be a book?  What did she do that made the book possible?

Q.  Why did you include the subject of divorce in Snowflake, it seems less of a trauma than the illness and death that you’ve written about?  What did you feel you’d learned in your divorce experience that could be of value to other women?

Q.  Your take on illness is obviously heartfelt, and you work as a healer and spiritual counselor – why did you begin to study Alternative Medicine and Healing and how did that change your life?

Q.  Did Cee Cee agree with your Alternative Healing explorations?  Did they help her in her illness?  And did you use these modalities in conjunction with more conventional medicine?

Q Which part of this little book of philosophy about real life – the kind we all live – has gotten most response from your readers?  The comments on your blogs seem to suggest that these thoughts on living beyond the devastation life’s traumas, have really struck a chord with your readers… were you surprised that they were willing to let you leap genres in this way?

Q.  Snowflake from the Hand of God has been continued, it seems, in your Teacup Philosopher’s blogs?  Why did you choose that name for your blogging and can we expect another book of everyday philosophy to be in your repertoire??