Scorpio ScorpionPassion is your essence, Scorpio – no surprise there. It drives you into bed, into intensity, into causes, and sometimes into hot water.

You are Fire of Water in the Tarot deck, the most dynamic and by far the wildest of the water signs. Your strong, steady energy, immense appetites and a longer than average lifespan make you formidable on nearly every level of life. You are like a force of nature – you must be contended with.

These are fascinating contradictions in your nature that sometimes confuse even you, for you can be loyal to the death with those you love, but should they cross you, wounding your emotional self-esteem, you become the most dangerous enemy in the zodiac. In Les Miserables, both Jean Val Jean and Inspector Javert showed characteristics that could easily be Scorpio.

Everybody knows Scorpios are great in bed – passionate, intuitive, wildly full of sexual secrets. What they may not know is how great you can be in anything that requires deep seated intuition, powerful strength in the clinches, and an unwavering determination to meet the goal (whatever that may be!)

You’re profoundly interested in the great mysteries: death, sex, and the workings of the universe, and you’re utterly relentless in your pursuit of what you want to know. Few truly know you, although many may think they do, for much of your true being lies hidden beneath the tidal emotions that ruffle the surface, but run deep as the Atlantic.

What Lies Beneath

bigstock-fantasy-mountain-landscape-37245505Ruled by Mars and Pluto, you’re able to explore the underworld of both intuition and knowledge, bringing back the ability to regenerate based on what you’ve learned. The place where Scorpio resides in your natal chart signals where your tests of regeneration and transformation must take place, so look to your sun sign and any planets in Scorpio for clues to your destiny.

You can be selflessly loyal, or an unforgiving foe if disappointed in relationship. There’s just no middle ground for you as your nature tends toward extremes – the highest highs or the lowest lows. It’s said that the challenge of a Scorpio lifetime is learning to control your passions and transmute them into service, purity and compassion. You’re at your most powerful and potent when you use your dynamism for truly altruistic ends – and when you use your power fully you are all but unstoppable.

Sexual, dynamic Mars was always the ruler of your sign, but in 1930 when Pluto was discovered in the heavens, it became apparent that this planet of deep transformative energy had a powerful affinity for you at the most profound levels of being. (Ancient astrologers believed there are 12, not 9 planets in our solar system, but some were as yet undiscovered.)

Sexy and Dangerous

The symbol of the scorpion represents the most dangerous power of Scorpio’s natives, their capacity for the stinging word or deftly placed barb that makes enemies tremble. It’s said that the Scorpion will sting himself to death rather than miss the pleasure of stinging, for there’s a warrior essence to Scorpio’s nature that just will not be denied. There’s also a capacity for idealism that sometimes drives you into causes, politics or pure scientific research, for Scorpio penetrates to the depth of things and once there, masters whatever needs mastering. But woe-betide the person who makes you an enemy, for you are the deadliest and most relentless one in the zodiac.

Your mysterious subterranean drives, dear Scorpio, make you phenomenal detectives, warriors, writers, researchers and thinkers – they also provide you with a legendary prowess in bed and in any business that requires laser intuition. You’re a tough competitor with the sharpest tongue in the zodiac, yet the highest type Scorpion will fight to the death for an ideal or a beloved.

Both reproductive and eliminative organs are ruled by Scorpio, as well as all body systems that power the pelvis – bones, muscles, blood organs. Thus, sexuality and the foundations of life are both critical issues for you on a cosmic level.

Fearlessness, tenacity, eloquence, devotion and ambition make Scorpio women particularly formidable (and a bit intimidating), yet their passionate sexuality draws men in like ants to a picnic – even those who will never be able to cope with their intrinsic power and mystery want to try. Male Scorpios are intense, dynamic and somewhat insatiable lovers – an enormous turn-on to women – but they can also be secretive and dangerous in the intensity of their passions, so potential partners must be certain they know what they’re getting into before they leap into a relationship, as scorned Scorpios of either sex make bad enemies.

Although it’s tough for you to admit to vulnerability, you do have a fragile side. Your deep-seated feelings can be wounded by betrayal, by indifference, and by those who don’t take your emotional commitments seriously enough. You may even be a bit shy under that bold or prickly exterior, with a heavy helping of self-doubt, because you question everything, including yourself in painstaking detail. All this is at odds with your uncompromising spirit that always looks confident, especially when it isn’t.

In short, you’re a complex, nearly unfathomable human, one who’s driven by deep passions and profound desires. Katherine Hepburn and Madame Curie are two of the famous Scorpios who’ve shared your birth sign and your need for determined independence.

Scorpio and Health

bigstock-Sporty-Woman-5481113You’re rarely sick, but illness for you is most often triggered by the energy drains of hard work or nervous exhaustion. Fortunately, your Pluto-given regenerative powers can help you rise Phoenix-like from the ashes.

Relaxation is definitely not your long suit, and your personal ambitions (yes, in matters of pleasure, too) can keep you running even on vacation. So in order to balance your health and take a shot (however short or long) at serenity, you’ve got to come to grips with your inability to just veg out. Find some fun alternative activity to do while others flop on a float, as you’ll be happier in the diving competition, or in a hot sexual romp, than sitting around the pool sipping Piña Coladas.

Scorpio and Love

bigstock-Valentines-heart-symbolizing-g-56967926You need mystery and depth-of-field in your beloved. And absolute loyalty. Your Martian co-ruler makes you wildly passionate, with willfulness, strength and the physical stamina to indulge your fantasies in extraordinary ways. Unfortunately, Mars also nudges you toward jealousy if you’re not careful, so you have to learn to watch the fiery possessiveness that often accompanies your passion.

You’re an astute, intuitive and highly skilled sexual partner with the capacity to seduce and mystify potential lovers on levels other signs don’t even know are out there.

Scorpio and Career

bigstock-Girl-Power-6135177Any work that lets you solve mysteries and delve below the surface of things will bring you fortune. Law, detecting, market analysis, medicine, even religious ministry may call to you and any business endeavor that profits from creative intuition could really race your motor.

You excel if left to your own devices – somebody looking over your shoulder drives you bonkers and your immediate instinct will be to sting them back into the safe-zone beyond your personal boundaries.

You can meet challenges with vast courage and stubbornness, bringing your power to transform into the mix for everyone’s benefit. Whether you exercise your oomph through emotional intuition or intellect, you have the capacity to penetrate to the heart of matters, sometimes far deeper than others’ comfort zones.

Scorpio and Finance

bigstock-Accounting-and-Finance-Law-Con-15760352Your mind is a maze of instincts and analytical intelligence vying for supremacy. Those Scorpions who find the balance between the two can be brilliant financially, sensing the exact time to buy, to invest, to sell or to raise the ante, and shrewdly, swiftly making the right move at the right moment. The swift strike is the Scorpion’s birthright, after all.

Money isn’t your God, but it gives you many of the creature comforts you crave. You’re also able to make and lose fortunes, then make them again, the Scorpio ability to regenerate coming to your rescue in the clinches.

You’re basically frugal (it goes with that secretive nature of yours) but it helps to keep an eye on Pluto transits in your chart as they may trigger new opportunities, new options and new money sources to come your way, helping you make your mark, and giving you some needed breathing room.

Scorpio and Friends

You need only a few well-chosen friends who are tried and true. You expect loyalty and give it, in spades. Casual socialization is not your forte, although you’re a great joke and storyteller and can mesmerize a crowd or make strangers feel at home, if the mood strikes you.

You never gossip, and are appalled by others who share private knowledge too freely. But your watery intuition will tune in to your friends’ secrets with an unnerving accuracy that can sometimes send them scurrying.

Aries and Geminis tend to set your teeth on edge, and a love affair with either one can be as sharply indigestible as eating triangles. 




Dates:                       October 24- November 22

Ruling Planet:          Mars and Pluto

Energy:                     Fixed

Element:                   Water

Symbol:                    The Scorpion

Strength:                 Passion, power, intuition

Spirit:                       Cannot be deflected from its purpose

Keywords:               Mysterious, feminine dynamic, regenerative

Soul Message:         “I create”