Sagittarius_ArcherExuberant you has an endless capacity to celebrate all the miracles you’ve invited into your life. You’re lucky – you know that already – with benevolent Jupiter as your ruling sign, you can believe in yourself and not be at all surprised if the world believes along with you.

Yet, your nature is more complex than it seems, dear Sagittarius. You may look fun-loving and uncomplicated to the casual observer, but the glyph for your sign isn’t half-human, half-animal for no reason. Most times, your straightforward, honorable nature shoots idealistically for the stars, but there are plenty of tugs from your sensual animal appetites to remind you just how human you are.

People see you as the hale-fellow-well-met, don’t they? Happy, joyous, frank and friendly. Great at sports and generous with both money and self. What they may not be aware of – because it’s a secret you get a kick out of keeping – is that your deeply spiritual side seeks truth and justice with the unswerving instinct of a truffle-hound on the scent. And while you may look like you’re all about fun and games, there’s a lot more depth of field to you than you care to let on. More, in fact, than you find easy to cope with.

Duality of Desires

bigstock-vintage-still-life-with-compa-51807307Your Sun Sign’s symbol of the elegant Centaur has you pegged to a “T” – the human half shoots ambitiously for the outer reaches of the galaxy, while the animal half wants to wallow in earthly delights. Despite your high ideals and genuine commitment to truth and altruism, you often succumb to the call of the wild and when you do, you couldn’t care less about consequences.

Like the Centaur, you get noticed wherever you go. Ordinary isn’t a word they ever use to describe you, is it? People are drawn to you like kids to a carnival, but they’d better be ready to deal with your tendency to blurt the undiluted truth if they want to stay in your circle. Subtlety and tact are not your long suits, but exuberant, buoyant energy is, so people find the thrill-ride of having a Sagittarian friend or lover is never dull, often full of bumps and laughter – and it may be over sooner than they expect. Your tendency is to embrace each a new love – be it a person or an idea – and pursue it with wild passion at lightning speed. But once the lightning strikes and the energy dissipates, you’re galloping off to a new adventure, and those who just don’t get it, are left scratching their heads (or their hearts) in the dust, for freedom is the one need you simply can’t sublimate.

Sagittarius and Health

bigstock-Hikers-with-backpacks-walking--44736049Two body areas are especially important to Sagittarians: The hips/thighs, and the liver. Hips and thighs have to do with locomotion – they’re the powerful engines that allow you to travel to your destination with drive and dynamism. The liver is the body’s cleansing organ – a reminder to behave yourself with food and drink, as your exuberant lifeforce has larger than life-size appetites that can nudge you into excess. Let’s face it, self-restraint isn’t one of the things you’re known for.

You’re healthy as a centaur, of course – strong, lusty, robust and with a kind of free-form carefree attitude about exercise and fresh air that tends to keep you in the pink.

Sagittarius and Love

bigstock-Bright-Blue-Dramatic-Sky-With--59888903It isn’t easy to catch or to hold onto you because your need for freedom is so intense. But love makes your blood run faster – you adore sex and adventure, and romance is, of course, the grandest adventure of them all.

You’re an outrageous flirt and you’re flexible-fire by nature, so romance and sexuality surround you like a body halo, attracting potential lovers with an ease that’s the envy of other signs. Trouble is, you tire quickly of the game, and most signs get left behind brooding and confused, when you wake up one morning and decide this particular love story is history.

But don’t despair about long-term relationship. If you do finally give in, and surrender your heart as well as your restless loins, you can be a passionate, athlete and adventurous lover – but only if your partner gives you plenty of room to breathe.

Sagittarius and Career

bigstock-Future-dreams-of-a-woman-40425754Any livelihood that encourages you to roam free and express yourself without constraint has potential for success. You can relate to anyone, so you’re a shoo-in with clients, entertaining them jovially, then surprising them with your quick wit and insight.

You can inspire and teach with verve. You can advertise, promote and publicize with style and zest. You can speculate in the stock market with better intuition than most, and your risk-taking nature can stand the heat. And don’t forget, there’s that legendary athletic prowess of yours to consider, with sports endorsements beckoning. So all in all, you have your heavenly benefactor, Jupiter, to thank for abundant career possibilities.

Sagittarius and Finance

bigstock-Money-tree-on-grass-with-daisi-48321653You can make lots and spend lots… and for the most part, neither in-flow nor out-go trouble you deeply. Jupiter brings largesse and a sense of optimism, so your attitude toward money is just the right one for attracting abundance to you.

It isn’t exactly that you’re a spendthrift, mind you – your pleasures aren’t usually the most expensive ones – it’s just that you’re generous, open-hearted and open-handed, figuring more will always be on the horizon, so sometimes the income and outgo don’t meet in the middle.

Sagittarius and Friends

bigstock-happy-friends-have-fun-at-wint-53538883Sagittarians are fun to be around – sassy, smart, attractive, light-hearted, generous spirited, filled with abstract ideas – so you’ve got pals galore. The only downside is that you have a phobia about being smother-loved, so you tend to flit from friend to friend rather than grappling one single lifelong buddy to your bosom. And yes, you’ve been known to just up and go, leaving your latest best-pal puzzled and bereft. You’ll be forgiven, of course – nobody stays mad at a Sagittarius long.

You need mental, physical, spiritual stimulation more than most, and will happily trot off to seek it – if you find a friend who’s game to trot off with you, that’s fine, too, as long as you feel free and unencumbered by the company.




Dates:                       November 23- December 22

Ruling Planet:          Jupiter

Energy:                     Mutable

Element:                   Fire

Symbol:                    The Centaur Archer

Strength:                 Honor, courage and laughter

Spirit:                       Optimistic, adventurous, independent from risk-taking

Keywords:               Exploration, aspiration

Soul Message:         “I see”