Playground of the Gods


Q.    Do you actually know men like the ones on this island? How would each of us fare in surviving under the circumstances you write about…do you think we women would be like the ones in the book?

Q.     Was Kirk Kerkorian or Howard Hughes your inspiration for Thoros? There seem to be similarities to both men.

Q.   How did you go about learning how to disable a G4 airplane?  Are you a pilot?  

Q.   Are you a mountain climber or survivalist?  You seem to know a lot about these things, especially what it would take to survive a typhoon.  How do you research your books, or do you use research assistants?

Q.   This story is very different from your other tales, as it seems written as scenes in a movie, rather than chapters.  Did you write it with film in mind?  

Q.   This isn’t a typical battle of the sexes book, because eventually, the men and women have to learn to respect each other equally to survive… which gender do you think is currently winning the battle?

Q.   The two Naquals add a dimension of spirituality to the story…why do you think the women paid attention to the training they offered and the men didn’t?