bigstock-Pisces-Fishes-47000620You, dear Pisces, are the intuitive nerve ending of the Zodiac.  If it exists, you feel it – if it doesn’t appear to others to exist, you feel it anyway.

It’s far easier to live with a Piscean than to be one.  Your Neptunian ability to tap into the subtle dimensions of the Universe means you feel the thought forms of everyone around you.  Like a Star Trek empath, you can feel the emotional undercurrent of the world and all those in it, which can make you feel like a compassionate punching bag.  This two-edged sword of a gift makes you brilliantly visionary and capable of translating your magnificent private dream world into art, letters, theatre, and music that could make the Muses sigh with envy.  But it also makes your heart an easy pin cushion for the slings and arrows that just bounce off less sensitive natures. 

Dreamy Duet

bigstock-Fantasy-Landscape-49569569You are blessed with two splendid rulers – Neptune, the planet of dreams and the unconscious, and Jupiter, the gift-giving planet of generosity and expansion.  You bring benevolence to others and your kindly, tender emotions incline you toward wanting to better the lot of humanity with altruistic generosity.

You are said to be the least selfish sign of the Zodiac, but despite your patience and forbearance, if someone finally manages to push your buttons, you can be surprisingly aggressive and will probably cross the offender off your list of friends forever.

Plugged into the consciousness of all humanity, you must guard against becoming lost in a world with no boundaries.  It can be a hard struggle not to lose yourself in others – not to become a self-sacrificing martyr to those you love or to a cause that has deep meaning for you.

Your glyph of two fishes swimming in opposite directions describes your cosmic dilemma:  because you swim in a sea of all consciousness, you tend to see both sides of every issue and often have difficulty making decisions.

But take heart, my sweet-natured friend.  Your benevolent rulers intend to unveil many mysteries for you in ways that others could never comprehend.

Dream No Small Dreams

bigstock-Enjoyment--free-happy-woman-e-43000426You’re the mystical dreamer of the Zodiac, dear Pisces – mutable, watery and inspired.  Ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and imagination, you swim in the primordial unconscious as easily as the fishes that form the glyph of your sign can swim in the sea.  And like those fish who are swimming upstream and down simultaneously, you suffer from conflicts and confusions most signs never even know exist, because you see both sides of all issues, and are too kind to want to choose between them.

Sensitive, intuitive, impressionable and incurably romantic, you appear shy at first, but the charisma of your gentle creativity about life is a great seducer.  Potential partners are drawn to your romantic nature and your emotional depth of field.

Everyday, ordinary life is really too mundane for you – besides, your fantasies are so much better.  So rose colored glasses are a pretty permanent accessory that helps you put off the practical and dreary details until the last possible moment forces you back to reality.  Your legendary procrastination is of cosmic proportion.

You Can Imagine Yourself

Your sensitivity of soul makes you softly vulnerable, so your challenges have mostly to do with not losing your directional signals in the confluence of other pushier signs… and not being so crushed by reality that you retreat into la-la land or chemical retreat.

You can take heart from the knowledge that your Piscean gifts of intuition, inspiration and psychism can also give birth to brilliance in the arts, photography, film, theatre, music, dance or any other endeavor in which emotion-based creativity is the benchmark of genius.  A great many Pisceans have used their Neptunian communion with the unseen as a launchpad toward the stars. 

Pisces and Health

bigstock-Runner-woman-with-heart-rate-m-46859812Emotions rule your health sector, and your emotions are fluid as the sea, so when life is up, you’re healthy as a mule, when life drags you down to the doldrums, your health can suffer.  Pisceans are more vulnerable to chemical escapism than any other sign – it’s a way to dull the pain of feeling so acutely – but knowing your own vulnerabilities can help you protect yourself from drink or drugs and the temporary oblivion they appear to offer.

You are prone to mood swings, as the tidal nature of your sign sweeps you from the height of fantastic ecstasy to the bottomless depths of despair, and you may be tempted to eat too much or not enough when love disappoints you or puts your nerves on high E.  Gentle exercise, especially swimming, yoga or walks by the water can soothe your psyche and help you find your way back to healthy equilibrium.  It’s best to trust your extraordinarily canny intuition where your health is concerned – you are your own best diagnostician and doctor, with or without a medical degree. 

Pisces and Love

bigstock-Concept-or-conceptual-Valentin-56031008Could any sign yearn for love more than you, my romantic friend?  It’s no surprise that Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who penned the deathless love poems Sonnets from the Portuguese was a Piscean.

Your heart holds many secrets and many secret dreams, as you long for a true soulmate and sometimes sink into despair over how very hard it is to find one.  You must take care not to let your deep need for love lead you into a relationship in which you invent your beloved to fit your fantasies, only to be disappointed later when clay feet become apparent.

Take heart in knowing that your Piscean intuition may actually be able to lead you through the labyrinth of love to that one true passion you dream about.  Your romantic imagination makes you one of the most intuitive and inventive lovers in the zodiac, so follow your heart and your inner guidance, and never stop believing your beautiful dreams can come true.  It will be a lucky man or woman who finally wins your loving heart and your so-sensual romantic imagination and nature.

Pisces and Career

bigstock-Steps-Leading-To-A-Brilliant-C-54434606The most artistic sign of the Zodiac, you may have inordinate talent in some creative endeavor that feeds your soul.  While worldly ambition is not usually your driving force, your talent and giftedness often lifts you far above your peers into fame and fortune.

Given your druthers, you’d probably opt for recognition over money, but you might find both.  When you manifest the fruit of your fertile and unique imagination, the sky may very well be the only limit to your achievements.

Even if fame or great fortune is not in the cards, you have an artist’s eye for finding creativity in whatever you do.  The important task for a Piscean is to find a job that feeds the spirit and allows free rein to imagination and intuition.

Pisces and Finance

You’re not known for your financial ambition – it just takes such a back seat to what really matters to you, like art and love and psychism.  Yet those very qualities may lead you to money-making potential you would never expect from yourself.

Your intense intuition can give you a leg up on the stock market.  Your lofty imagination can lead to lucrative inventions.  Your creative bent can foster success in art or letters.  Your deep love for love itself can translate into a variety of passionate applications that reap surprising rewards.  Poet, musician, teacher, songwriter, mystic, editor, art director, etc., etc., etc. – wherever creativity is lauded, you excel.

Your sensitivity demands that you work at something that feeds your psyche… so if you can keep yourself from drifting off target, and you can follow your bliss into gainful employment, you may surprise yourself with the success you can achieve.

Pisces and Friends

bigstock-Four-Friends-Lying-In-Grass-46228795You make a wonderful friend… but one who bruises oh-so easily.  Emotionally thin-skinned Pisces must remember that taking everything personally can leave you with black and blue marks on the spirit.

Conflicts of any kind make you want to withdraw to the safety of your interior landscape.  Raised voices, harsh scenes and direct confrontation will send you running for cover.  The slings and arrows that bounce off tougher signs can wound you to the marrow.

If you can see that over-reacting is a potential issue for you, perhaps you can count to ten before getting wounded by random flack.  That tactless word the Sagittarian just blurted probably wasn’t meant for you… your Aries co-worker may have cut off your meandering soliloquy because that’s his nature… your Capricorn boss probably hasn’t a clue that every time he barks an order, it sets your heart to hammering. 

You need to use your intuition to understand where friends, associates and lovers are really coming from and why – that way you can avoid at least a few of the hurts that could keep you from partaking in life’s banquet. 



Dates:                       February 20-March 20

Ruling Planet:          Neptune and Jupiter

Energy:                     Mutable

Element:                   Water

Symbol:                    Two fishes

Strength:                 Compassion, imagination

Spirit:                       Magical dreamer, visionary, psychic, empath

Keywords:               Sensitivity, intuition, illusion,artistry, altruism

Soul Message:         “I feel”