Dr. John Upledger…Cranio Sacral Therapy


For me, Dr. John Upledger was the answer to prayer.  Literally.

My 13 year old Cee Cee was in a coma, close to dying, from an apparently undiagnosable malady no one could figure out or fix.

I’d listened for days, as doctors tried to sound as if they knew what to do, knowing in my heart they didn’t.  Frantically, I’d begun searching for a miracle.  I heard over the alternative medical grapevine, that a doctor named John Upledger was working miracles somewhere in the South.  He was an osteopath and surgeon, they said, and something much more, that no one could quantify.  In my panic, I couldn’t remember where to look for him.  But some maternal instinct – probably the intuitive equivalent of being able to lift a car off your child in an emergency – told me he could help us. Continue reading “Dr. John Upledger…Cranio Sacral Therapy” »

The Moving Finger Writes…


Old TowerMy childhood was spent in a haze of books and familial propriety.  The small-town-America life, where children safely walked alone to school and dawdled their way home, lulled into daydreams by the sweetness of the neighbors’ gardens, is probably gone now, but the visuals are clear to me still.  A wall of rambling roses at Mrs. Flynn’s… an exaltation of wildflowers behind Dr. Goldstein’s mansion… the New York skyline beyond the great river that separated me from my destiny, or so I believed.  Wait for me New York, I’m coming… I’d breathe to it from Boulevard East, staring out at the glittering, beckoning megaliths of Manhattan. All those childhood images are as close to me now, as the scene outside my office window.

Life was good, except for my mother’s Vesuvian temper, which I’d more or less learned to deal with by going underground to my imagination.  I also went to the library, a magnificent old edifice with all-but crenellated battlements, an ivy covered round tower and several leftover suits of armor, collected by some turn of the century tycoon, who’d created a castle that would become a book depository… and my escape to Paradise. Continue reading “The Moving Finger Writes…” »

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Virtual Casting Call, so far…

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Cowboy at sunsetDear Readers, here’s the list of casting suggestions submitted so far. It’s amazing how many people suggested the same names…and equally amazing that many people offered the same names, but for differing roles?  Thanks for all your terrific inspirations … I can only hope Hollywood will be this creative.  It’s  such fun to dream, isn’t it?. Continue reading “Virtual Casting Call, so far…” »

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Grasping the Wind…The Energy Behind Acupuncture


Acupuncture MeridiansIn acupuncture charts – probably the closest most Westerners ever come to contacting the Qi concept – the meridian lines you see pictured, show the pathways by which energy flows within us.  The points on the meridians where an acupuncturist places his needles are merely spots on the energy grid where the doctor can tinker with the electrical circuitry of an individual’s life force.  If you’ve ever had your tennis elbow or sore throat cured by acupuncture, you know that a needle in one part of the body  may affect a body part several feet away.  This happens because the needle activates your Qi, which then follows a specific meridian path inside your body to its destined target. Continue reading “Grasping the Wind…The Energy Behind Acupuncture” »

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For Health & Happiness…Thoughts for Your Shopping List

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Feet in the BathI’m  delighted that  response to my Bathing blog has been so enthusiastic, so I thought it might be helpful to have some crib notes about the aromatherapeutic  properties of many of the Essential Oils you’ll be exploring. But first, a word of caution: these oils are powerful…only a few drops can cause a dramatic response for both body and mind, and some cannot be used during pregnancy or if you have diabetes or are epileptic. There’s plenty of information available on the internet, of course,  and  Essential Oil dealers, health food stores, and of course, books, can impart a great deal of wonderful knowledge, so if you decide to embark on this  Essential Oil journey, please be sure to do it safely. Continue reading “For Health & Happiness…Thoughts for Your Shopping List” »

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Paint the Wind…a Virtual Casting Call


Curtain CallThe Indians say a story stalks a writer.  Watches, waits to see if you’re worthy of telling it.  Then it comes to live in your heart for a time, and it’s your responsibility to work very hard and learn enough to give the story the voice it deserves.  If you fail to do the legwork, the story will never give you its truthful ending… I wonder if that’s why so many books enthrall us til the end, and then they let us down?

Paint the Wind not only lived in my heart every moment of the five years of writing and researching it exacted of me, it has never left me for a moment since. The story stalked me, leading me to many extraordinary learnings and expansions of the spirit -how to handle a six-shooter – guns, Apache medicine ways, silver mining, ritual magic – just a few of them. Its characters moved permanently into my heart, where they remain almost as family members, to this day. Continue reading “Paint the Wind…a Virtual Casting Call” »

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This Wisdom Thing…


MoonSomebody called me a Wise Woman the other day and it almost made me laugh out loud.  Isn’t that something like those Lifetime Achievement Awards they give you in Hollywood when they can’t find roles for you anymore, I wondered? But it set me to thinking…

Nobody sets out to be a Wise Woman.  You set out to be sexy, smart, loved, a wife, a mother, a friend, a success… yes.  But to be Wise?… not so much.   Continue reading “This Wisdom Thing…” »

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The Key to Qi…How Energy-based Healing Systems Work


So many people have asked me to explain the basics of Chinese Medicine and other energy based healing systems in a way that’s understandable to the Western mind, that I’d like to share with you what I’ve been privileged to learn about it.  

Qi is the name the Chinese use to express universal energy – but because this lifeforce is ineffable, unseeable, and unmeasurable, it isn’t an easy story to tell.  Qi (also called Ki, Prana, etc.) is the cornerstone of all the medical miracles I’ve witnessed in Chinese, Tibetan, Hindu, African, Native American and Shamanic medicine, and it’s the gateway to a larger understanding of many other mysteries of the Universe, so I’d like to try as best I can, to make the concept palatable for the Western mind.  The poetic Chinese, knowing the ephemeral nature of the Qi concept, call this Grasping the Wind.

Continue reading “The Key to Qi…How Energy-based Healing Systems Work” »

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Qi… The Power of the Invisible

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ball of lightIt isn’t easy to quantify Qi for the Western mind, but inasmuch as so many now experience it in Alternative Healing modalities like Acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Martial Arts, Yoga and Body Work, I’d like to offer a little crib sheet that might help you wend your way through the many subdivisions of Qi.  

The Chinese do not differentiate between matter and energy and Qi has many different functions and names.   Continue reading “Qi… The Power of the Invisible” »

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Like Cures Like…Exploring Homeopathy

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“The Law of Similars:  That which can make you ill can also cure you.”

– Dr. Samuel Hahnemann


When I was 21 or so I met a famous fashion photographer named Edgar de Evia.  He was sophisticated, worldly, creative and simply fabulous.  I’d never met anyone remotely like him.  His grandfather had been President of the Yucatan when it was a separate country from Mexico, and he’d spent his youth in Paris and London studying extraordinary things:  Orgone Energy, Metaphysics, Theosophy, Homeopathy, and how to cook chicken 863 ways – or so it seemed to me, who frequently dined at his home and never had anything there but chicken, and never was it cooked the same way twice!  He offered to teach me any of this I cared to know about, so I drank in a great deal of knowledge, neither Weehawken, New Jersey, nor higher education had provided.  

Edgar told me that Homeopathy, which he had studied and practiced for many years, under the tutelage of a famous European Homeopath, began with the story of its founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  Here’s a little of what he told me…

Continue reading “Like Cures Like…Exploring Homeopathy” »

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Bathing Shopportunities!

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BathsI didn’t expect the response I’ve gotten to my Cathy Takes to the Tub blog!  Oodles of emails have asked for more info and where to find the goodies that go into the tub to heal, soothe, excite, delight, whatever!  The following list will give you general information about where to find Essential Oils and Herbs, Flower Essences, Muds and Salts, as well as Homeopathic remedies. 

Before you shop, I urge you to find a good book on the subject of how to use all this Natural Bounty safely, as some oils and herbs can be irritating if used to excess, and others must never be used during pregnancy. I intend to do a book on the subject later this year, if time permits.  You can also find a good deal of information on-line at many of the sites you’ll find links for in the list that follows.

I wish you many happy hours of learning and bathing! Continue reading “Bathing Shopportunities!” »

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Cathy Takes to the Tub


Woman in TubAt the top of my list of accessible help for much of life’s dis-ease, are healing baths.  And I confess they head the list because they’re not only therapeutic, they’re really pleasurable.  It’s part aromatherapy, part herbalism, part homeopathy, and all it takes to have these beautiful baths at your fingertips is to keep on hand a small larder of essential oils, herbs and homeopathic remedies.  When you see how easily they turn the tide for the body, mind or spirit, I predict you’ll be just as pleasurably hooked as I am.

 Here are a few of my favorite baths to get you started. Continue reading “Cathy Takes to the Tub” »

Healing Hands

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Golden Buddha MudraMudras are hand positions that connect up certain circuitry in our systems for specific purposes.  You might call it Yoga or Tai Qi for your hands.  In a way, it’s like using our extremities as antennas to pick up specific universal  energy wavelengths and conduct them into your system.  Mudras are used throughout Indian, Japanese  and  other  cultures as gentle, easy means of empowerment. They are employed as a means of guiding energy flow and reflexes to the brain and nervous system, as well as the meridian system. It’s been postulated that the curious poses shown in much Pre-Columbian artifacts may also suggest that knowledge of mudras existed in Central America in ancient times, too. Continue reading “Healing Hands” »

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Loving Love Poetry


Book HeartYou can’t grow up to be a writer of love stories, if you aren’t an incurable romantic.

Despite my own history of picking lemons in the Garden of Love – and oxytocin notwithstanding – I’ve found that I need to believe in true love.  I have seen it – not often – but enough to believe it possible.  My Apache friends say you only need to see one white crow to know all crows are not black. 

In the darker days when heartbreak threatened to teeter me into cynicism about true love, and I almost succumbed to a disbelief in its very existence, it comforted me to remember that much of the world’s greatest love poetry had been penned by men – ergo, somewhere, sometime there have been men who loved-deeply, truly and forever.  So it isn’t an impossible dream (at least that’s what I told myself.)  One White Crow, is all you need.

So I offer you just a few of my favorite love poems for your heart’s delight:

Continue reading “Loving Love Poetry” »

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Biology in the Bedroom


Young CoupleEver wonder why women have sex and think they’ve fallen in love, while men have sex and think they’ve just had sex?  I may have stumbled onto an answer worth passing along.  I’m not sure I can affect anything in the interaction of the genders by making this information public, but if it could simply make women more aware of the source of our own vulnerabilities, perhaps it would be worthwhile knowledge to possess.

Continue reading “Biology in the Bedroom” »

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