They’re Shooting at Our Regiment Now


25th Infantry Division Memorial, Oahu, Hawaii.They’re shooting at our regiment now.”

I read the quote above and put down the New York Times, the gallows humor too  profound to ignore. The article by Mark Epstein was quoting a friend whose contemporaries were dying.

Mine are, too.  At an alarming rate.  My Christmas card list this year showed a disturbing number of deletions.

There’s nothing like a realization about death to make you think about life. It also makes you count your blessings,  so herewith a few thoughts on both subjects. Continue reading “They’re Shooting at Our Regiment Now” »

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Happy Father’s Day

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Picture10There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about and miss my father. Perhaps it was the kindness that was so much his hallmark… perhaps it was his endless patience and his willingness to drop whatever he was doing to listen, to care, to act.

“Want to read me a book, Papa?” I would ask eagerly.

“Want to play catch?”

“Want to hear me recite the poem I just memorized?”

You name it, tired or not, busy or not, preoccupied or not, the answer was always a smile and a yes. It isn’t until you’re a parent yourself that you realize just how much love and patience and unselfishness it takes for that gift to be given. Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day” »

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A True Story About Motherhood from the Past


Picture14Bronwyn at three and a half was already a Montessori scholar. Daily she trudged to an enlightened classroom where a teacher who genuinely liked children taught her how to scrub her desk with soapsuds, mess it up with fingerpaint and repeat the process. She was understandably enthralled. So much so, that Cee Cee at 2½ wanted to study soapsuds, too.

We arrived at the registrar’s office promptly at eight, on the theory that if I caught her early she might be groggy enough not to notice Cee Cee’s callow youth, for three years was the requisite age for admission to Montessori. My determined and very articulate 2½ year old marched in briskly and headed for the lady in charge, not waiting for me to explain our visit. Continue reading “A True Story About Motherhood from the Past” »

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A Few Thoughts on Mother’s Day


Picture4I had a very hard time with my Mother, her words mostly wounding, her anger terrifying. It was my father’s kind and loving heart that saved my childhood and my spirit. So when Mother’s Day comes round a tug of war ensues. I feel my heart segue-ing not to  memories of my own childhood but rather to my experience as a mother – and that, too, is complicated and bittersweet because of the loss of  two daughters.

That and the fact that we never know the truth of parenting until we do it ourselves – the sacrifices, the hard work, the unselfishness, the solving of unsolvable riddles – all that our parents gave and did stands out in bold relief as we struggle to do as well as they did, never mind better. So for me, the emotions  of this celebratory day are exponential and complex. Continue reading “A Few Thoughts on Mother’s Day” »

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Living at the Speed of Light


bigstock-Portrait-of-girl-on-tire-swing-47001283Remember when the speed of life and the speed of light were not identical? 

Remember screened-in porches meant for sitting and talking or just thinking long thoughts about life?  Remember garden swings, sweet summer afternoons wandering a meadow, picking apples in the fall, a Christmas tree you’d trekked through snow to find and then helped cut down?  Remember life before cell phones, iPads, computers and a wretched economy sucked us all into a machine-made world in which speed and efficiency were the only coin of the realm? Continue reading “Living at the Speed of Light” »

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The Message: My New Book…Just Released


Motherbookv2 For many years I kept my metaphysical world mostly under wraps.  I had children to raise, a business to run, a husband to please, and the world had not yet caught up with the Other Worldly studies that allowed me a window to a far larger reality than most people know about.  A reality in which prayer moved mountains, angels intervened in human affairs, healing of body, mind and spirit came from an infinite number of dimensions beyond the visible.  A reality where Qi and the frequencies of light and sound go beyond our current understanding of quantum physics into metaphysics and open cosmic doors to all the dimensions that constitute the next frontier of human exploration.  Continue reading “The Message: My New Book…Just Released” »

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Timing is Everything


bigstock-New-Year-s-at-midnight--Old-g-54173342Do the people you love own certain times of your day – stalwart custodians of some magical clock?

I never meet a day or a coffee pot without remembering the sound of my father’s voice in the early morning.  I see him standing by the coffee pot, his greeting optimistic as dawn, cup in hand ready to reach it out to me, sustenance of so many kinds writ large in that eternal gesture of generosity. Continue reading “Timing is Everything” »

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Chinese Sexual Secrets So Secret, Nobody Knows They’re There


bigstock-Secret-Document-9430277Western women never reach higher than the 5th level of orgasm,” my Chinese Medicine teacher told me.  As he was both a Master Martial Artist and an MD as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I thought I’d better pay attention.  “In China, the ninth level would be considered minimal expectation.  One thousand strokes would easily produce such an orgasm.”

“A thousand strokes?” I repeated, trying to wrap my head around the visual that provoked. Continue reading “Chinese Sexual Secrets So Secret, Nobody Knows They’re There” »

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The Insecurity List


bigstock-Woman-Looking-At-Herself-In-Th-27551078It all started with a cocktail party conversation about the surprises Middle Age throws at you (hot flashes?  Seriously?) and what to do about them – but it ended in everybody glumly deciding a facelift might be the only hope for a happy future after middle age sets in.  Nobody admitted to having had any “work done” yet, not even the ones who had already nipped and tucked.

Ok, I admit it might never have happened without all the wine, laughter, calorie-un-conscious foods and the fact that there were only women in the room.  I mean who makes lists at a party, other than a bunch of women slightly in their cups?  Continue reading “The Insecurity List” »

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A Shared History


bigstock-Feet-Warming-By-Fireplace-55274456Shared history has immense power.  I didn’t know how much until my divorce.  It wasn’t only my future dreams that vanished with my husband, but the comfort of shared history that had been far more a source of strength for me than I’d realized.  We were the same age, so we shared the same jargon, memories, music, flashpoints in history… I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a way to re-create that comforting commonality.

A few years after my divorce, I began to date a much younger man.  I thought he was 10 years older than he was, he thought I was 10 years younger than I was.  When I realized there was a near 20 year discrepancy in our ages, I panicked.  I called a  male friend and colleague twenty years younger than I and asked what I should do.  “That’s easy,” he said enthusiastically.  Continue reading “A Shared History” »

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The Zany Tale of How I Became an Astrologer


bigstock-two-red-hearts-over-blue-astro-41670439When I was about to get married for the first time, about a thousand years ago, a friend gave me an engagement gift of a reading with a famous astrologer for me and my fiancé.

When I got to the astrologer’s house for my reading, I could see she was a tough old bird and hardly the ethereal mystic I was anticipating.  She reared back in her chair and said, “Honey.  Not only should you not marry this guy, you should shoot him so nobody else does!”  She also said he’d be married 6 or 7 times and that I’d be divorced in 2 years, and gave me a litany of reasons for all that would transpire. Continue reading “The Zany Tale of How I Became an Astrologer” »

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Now My Hair Needs a Plastic Surgeon, Too? You’ve Got to Be Kidding


bigstock-Summer-portrait-beautiful-fre-37407175I admit it.  I loved my hair.  All those wild red Irish tresses were as much my signature as the freckles that went with them.  By age 30 I knew I’d never let my hair go grey, red was too much part of me.

What I didn’t know then was that color would be the least of my hair issues.  Mine began to thin after the terrible shock of my daughter’s illness and death… like the small white patches that suddenly appeared on my cheek and arm as if some of my own lifeforce had gone with her.  Continue reading “Now My Hair Needs a Plastic Surgeon, Too? You’ve Got to Be Kidding” »

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Garden Magic and Valentine Soup


JoanHauserGardenAs the first spring planting catalogs are hitting my mailbox (which is currently knee deep in snow)  it occurs to me that for those of us dreaming ahead as we browse the hopeful seeds and bulbs to come, it might be fun to know of the lovely magical  garden folklore that’s rooted in  mystical cultures  closer to nature than we are. They say there’s playful, happy magic about healing, luck and love  in your garden, whether you choose to believe in it or not … so while winter winds rattle the chimney pots relentlessy, there’s no harm in fantasizing and maybe whipping up a recipe or two from a magical cookbook to while away the indoor hours.  The nourishment that’s in Mother Nature’s storehouse isn’t only confined to foodstuff, after all – there’s plenty of nourishment for the spirit, too. There’s an old metaphysical adage that reminds us only to feed what we want to grow, so maybe feeding the imagination with a little magic is a perfectly acceptable pleasure in any season. Continue reading “Garden Magic and Valentine Soup” »

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Bigstock_51884587Many years ago, a brilliant metaphysician/herbalist admonished me never to eat anything God hadn’t made.  Our bodies, she said, and the planet with all its bounty, had grown out of the same beneficent Source and were therefore genetically programmed to work perfectly together both to protect health and to heal or repair when needed.  Whether you think of that source as  Creator, the Universe or Mother Nature, the synergistic system has worked really well for a very long time, so when man tinkers with the food chain, she said portentously, health suffers.  Of course back then, the tinkering was small potatoes. Continue reading “GMO. OMG.” »

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A Thought for the New Year


bigstock-Grunge-image-of-New-Year-comin-15363092I’d like to offer you a profound and provocative poem, with which to start this portentous New Year … this one is shaping up to be a year  of both spiritual and political drama far beyond the norm. The world is more volatile than ever now…as if there’s an energy explosion in progress, bubbling up from some deep, hidden  place in our unconscious, demanding to be set free to change, change, change the way we see our world and the way we act in it, too.  There’s a revolutionary air about it all, reminiscent of the ’60s…a sense of urgency to end injustice, to rescue the planet from the greedy pillagers, and to give more of humanity the even break it deserves. It feels like an  ending and a beginning, of some cosmic proportion  we can’t yet comprehend… a time when we must be up to the challenge of the whirlwind and use all our resources to embody, in Gandhi’s words, the change we wish to see in the world. Continue reading “A Thought for the New Year” »

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