Paint the Wind…a Virtual Casting Call

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Curtain CallThe Indians say a story stalks a writer.  Watches, waits to see if you’re worthy of telling it.  Then it comes to live in your heart for a time, and it’s your responsibility to work very hard and learn enough to give the story the voice it deserves.  If you fail to do the legwork, the story will never give you its truthful ending… I wonder if that’s why so many books enthrall us til the end, and then they let us down?

Paint the Wind not only lived in my heart every moment of the five years of writing and researching it exacted of me, it has never left me for a moment since. The story stalked me, leading me to many extraordinary learnings and expansions of the spirit -how to handle a six-shooter – guns, Apache medicine ways, silver mining, ritual magic – just a few of them. Its characters moved permanently into my heart, where they remain almost as family members, to this day.

Now, there’s a really good chance that Fancy, Hart, Chance, Magda, Jewel, Ford and the rest will make it to the Big Screen!  I’ve always dreamed they would, so I’ve been searching for years for the perfect cast.

Over the years, so many of you have written me, about the actors you’d like to see populate this movie, that I’d love to stage a Virtual Casting Call… asking all who care to, to share their thoughts on who’s the perfect actor to bring the major players to life. Let’s brainstorm the best of the best, together! I’d love for you to make your suggestions for the cast of your dreams (and mine!) either here in the comments or on Facebook. For those who’d like a little refresher about the major characters, there’s a quick set of crib notes below.

Paint the Wind still sells like crazy, especially now that it’s in Kindle, Nook and iPad as well as print, so thank you, thank you all for having kept my story alive in your hearts for so many years! I hope to see you all on opening night…

Paint the Wind


PlantationWoman:  Fancy

Tempestuous, feisty, vulnerable… and far too beautiful for safety.  Fancy Deverell wants it all – love, power, money – and she’ll get it, too, if she doesn’t let her heart get in the way.

The Gambler:  Chance

Sensual, handsome, smart… anyone can tell Chance McAllister is a born winner.  His luck is legendary, like his prowess in bed, and he’s just enough of a rogue to be just what Fancy wants.

The Artist:  Hart

Blessing IndianHart McAllister’s paintings will hang in the Louvre, and Geronimo will call him brother… but it won’t mean a damn to him if he can’t have Fancy.

The Teacher:  Atticus

Once a Yoruba wizard, now a slave.  What did the Gods intend for Atticus, when they handed him Fancy to raise and to love?

The Gypsy:  Magda

Magda knows magic… not the kind for the gullible folk who come to the circus.  The kind that has cost her the Universe, and left her to ransom her immortal soul.

GunslingerThe Madam:  Jewel

The world is a tough place for a whore, but Jewel has made the best of a bad hand.  She understands what it means to lose… she just didn’t know she’d lose more than her heart could bear.

The Gunfighter:  Ford

Outcast.  Loner.  Honorable man.  No one could shade Ford Jameson with a pistol… what could possibly make him bury his sixguns?

The Prospector:  Bandana

Tough as a wagon wheel, wise in the ways of gold and silver… and a few more things, to boot.  Bandana McBain has sacrificed everything to the lure of the Mother Lode.  And not even a mine disaster can keep him from one last heroic gesture. Chinese Dragon

The Dwarf:  Gitalis

Dark secrets and a brilliant mind, in a body too small to catch the brass ring.  But there’s nothing small about Gitalis’ courage… or his heart.

The Chinaman:  Wu

Laundry is a far cry from revolution, but not for Wu.  Perhaps the Gods have saved him for some special purpose…  He knows the cure for Opium addiction, but the addicts never want to pay the price.


  © Cathy Cash Spellman/The Wild Harp & Co. Inc 2012

Posted on February 10th 2012 in Paint the Wind, The Philosopher’s Teacup

24 Responses to “Paint the Wind…a Virtual Casting Call”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I enjoyed all your books but “Paint the Wind” and “So Many Partings” are my favorites. When i read Paint the Wind I kept picturing Reba McEntire as Fancy but maybe because of her red hair and her song about Fancy 🙂
    Tom Cruise or Rob Lowe would be great as Chance…but whoever you choose…it will make a fabulous movie.

  2. Cathy Says:

    I have my heart set on Reba, too! She’d be fabulous as Jewel. Excellent ideas for Chance, too…Thanks so much for the lovely and encouraging words!

  3. Cathy Says:

    I love Reba! So many great possibilities here…I love seeing how readers imagine my characters. I just hope Hollywood is as creative about these roles as readers are.. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

  4. Melissa Says:

    How about Nicole Kidman for Fancy, Johnny Depp for Hart, Timothy Olyphant for Chance?

    Peter Dinklage as Gitalis, Harrison Ford as Bandana, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Jewel, Jackie Chan as Wu…I could go on and on but I’ll stop now.

    I;d really dearly love to see SO MANY PARTINGS made into a movie of Masterpiece Classics mini-series like Downton Abbey.

  5. Cathy Says:

    Hadn’t thought of Nicole for Fancy, but it’s a really interesting idea..she has the depth of field, as well as the beauty for it. I’d thought of Johnny Depp for Chance, not Hart, so that’s a new one to ponder…the whole process is such a lovely fantasy trip! .Seeing So Many Partings as a Masterpiece Theatre mini-series would be a dream come true, too .Could we vote for Tullynally Castle to be Drumgillan?

  6. Gerry Says:

    I just finished reading PTW for the 3rd time. Needless to say, I love the book! Here’s my two cents worth:
    Chance – Sam Worthington
    Hart – Blake Shelton
    (or vice versa above)
    Atticus – Morgan Freeman
    Magda – Definitely Katie Segal (Sons of Anarchy biker mom)
    Jewel – Definitely Reba McIntyre
    Ford – Timothy Olyphant OR Keith Carradine
    Bandana – I am stumped. He’s one of my favorite characters. Johnny Depp??
    Gitalis – Peter Dinklage
    Wu – Keone J. Young (played Mr. Wu on HBO’s Deadwood)
    Jason – Ian McShane
    FANCY – I think this is really hard. Could we shrink Charize Theron a few inches, make her petite, with black curls? I think the actress with the best looks to fit the role is Rose Byrne. But, I’ve only seen her in “Damages” which is a much different role than Fancy. Fancy must be able to be feisty, firey, vulnerable, strong, etc. etc. If Rose can do all that, she would certainly look like what I picture Fancy as looking like. I think Nicole Kidman is a great actress, but I just can’t picture her as Fancy. This is very exciting for you Cathy! Please keep us posted!

  7. Cathy Says:

    Blake Shelton and Sam Worthington are right up there at the top of my list, too! Morgan Freeman, Reba McIntyre, Peter Dinklage all would be amazing… Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. How about Tom Selleck for Ford? You’re so right…this is really the most fun. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, Gerry.

  8. Cathy Says:

    p.s. it really touches my heart to know you’ve read Paint the Wind three times…

  9. Andrea Says:

    I think jewel should be Scarlett johansson. Reba is too old. We can age Scarlett. I just reread this book after reading it as a teenager. I think this book should be a tv series or broken up into movies….

  10. Cathy Says:

    Scarlett Johansson is a fabulous suggestion. She’d make a great Jewel…she has both the beauty and the spirit for the role. The good news is that Paint the Wind has been optioned and is currently under review as a TV mini series, so I and all friends of my story are currently plying heaven with prayers that it will finally find its way to the screen this year!

  11. Jo Says:

    I love this book! I live it each time I read it, is there any chance it will hit the big screen?

  12. Cathy Says:

    I’m so happy my story touched your heart, Jo. I’m delighted to be able to report that it is currently optioned for film and also being considered for a TV series. I’ll be back to blogging in a week or two and will keep everyone posted on Paint the Wind’s progress in my newsletter. Thanks so much for your kind encouragement.

  13. Actor Casting Says:

    I am really impressed with the attitude expressed on this site for being simple, open, honest, caring, hardworking and sincere, qualities that go together in a business activity that you rely on to maintain strong communication lines with your customers.

  14. Cathy Says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my site…I do appreciate them.

  15. Helene Castle Says:

    I love your book and have read it several times because it is just that good! It is my most treasured and favorite book of all time! I have to agree that I think Reba McEntire would make a wonderful Jewel and I think she would love the challenge of playing that role too! I think Sam Elliot would make a better Bandana McBain…he could pull it off better than any other actor out there that I can think of. Matthew McConaughey would make a great Chance McAllister or maybe even Woody Harrelson. Alan Autry (Bubba from In the Heat of the Night), would make a wonderful Hart McAllister. Bill Cobbs would make a great Atticus. Ken Jeong (if he could be serious enough) has the look and the personality to pull of a Wu role. If Pat Morita was still alive, I’d have said him though. Bridget Moynahan for the role of Fancy…she could pull off the Southern Belle look, is beautiful and looks and has the build I would imagine Fancy to have, can play innocent, seasoned, and all the other characteristics that make up the Fancy character. Helena Bonham Carter would make a great Magda. Hugh Jackman could do the gunslinger, quiet cowboy with a soft heart role to play Ford. I think Warwick Davis, Peter Dinklage, or Phil Fondacaro would make a great Gitalis. Robert Downey Jr. would make a great Wes…he could be flamboyant and enigmatic and all that Wes is as a character, very well. Wynona Ryder would make a good Aurora…she could play the role of spoiled and an opium addict too, awesome! And Dakota…hmmm, what about Ellen Page? Oh, and Jason…I like to forget about him, but we can’t, can we? So, maybe Pierce Brosnan as Jason Madigan…he can play that cold, calculating, rich man who is used to getting his way, very well, even though I hate seeing him play a bad guy. But, he has those piercing eyes and while he is handsome, he could pull of a Jason Madigan look still…except, I think he may be too tall? And thin? But, oh, he could play that role so well, I think! And there are so many other characters, though they have much smaller parts…it would be so fun to pick people out that would do the characters in your book justice! Anyway, if it ever does get turned into a movie or anything else, I’d love to see! Your book touched me so deep, I can’t even explain it, but I read it when I was still in high school and I’m 43 now. I’ve kept it close all these years and every now and then, pick it up and read it all over again because it is just so good! It can make me laugh…yes, out loud, no matter who is around me, cry, angry, and hits so many other emotions, like no other book ever has! You have an amazing gift with words and so much vision and creativity! Thank you!

  16. Cathy Says:

    Hi Helene…Your wonderful note and casting suggestions have finally made their way to me after having, somehow, gotten lost for a while. There is no sweeter music to a novelist’s ears than to know a story and its characters have stayed in a reader’s heart for a very long time after closing the covers of the book. The characters you speak of always felt like family members to me, so I’m especially delighted that they touched your heart in such a way. Thank you for making my day with our sweet comments.

  17. Josie Self Says:

    I was moved to tears with your story PTW. I read for escapism from reality so i am very upset that Fancy died.
    I loved all your characters and was a movie ever made? I just read your first story Feb. 2015. I am sorry about your two daughters and glad you found how to cope with your loss and look forward to reading those books.

  18. Cathy Says:

    Hi Josie…Thank you for your lovely note, I’m happy my story gave you pleasure and I hope that when you read others books of mine, you may find joy in them, too.

  19. Calli Says:

    I NEED to see a movie made of this book. The writing in this epic saga is superb. I’m in love <3 When can we plan on heading to the theaters?

  20. Cathy Says:

    I’d love to see it on the big or little screen! Thanks for the lovely encouragement…

  21. Calli Says:

    Also Christina Hendricks is the only one to play Jewel.

  22. Cathy Says:

    Great choice for Jewel!

  23. Biggy Tee Says:

    Fancy – Alicia Vikander.

    Chance – Jaime Dornan – Henry Cavill – Armie Hammer

    Hart – Kristofer hivju – Armie Hammer

    Atticus – Sam Jackson – Idris Elba

    Magda – Cathrine zeta jones – Kate Bekinsale – Gal Gadot.

    Wes Jarvis – Christoph Waltz –

    Gitalis – Peter Dinklage – Toby Jones

    Jewel – Scarlett johansen – Christina Hendricks

    Ford – Scott Eastwood – Josh Brolin

    Bandana – L Q Jones – Sam Elliot

    Wu – Hoon Lee

    Jason – Hugh Jackman – robert downey jr

  24. Cathy Says:

    Great suggestions! Many thanks…

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