Paint the Wind


Q.  Hart and Chance are the brothers who both love Fancy, and between them, seem to embody every male characteristic.  Which one did you love?  And which one took the hearts of your readers?

Q.  What did your extensive research into the diaries of the women who won the West reveal about their not wanting to go West at all?  What were their lives like?

Q.  Fancy, Jewel and Magda are very different women, yet each is courageous in her own way.  Was it the times that made them who they were?  You’ve painted a picture of women winning the West, not just men…why don’t we ever hear of that?  

Q.  Hart and Geronimo became blood brothers.  Were there really blood brother oaths between Whites and Apaches, or is that a literary and Hollywood invention? 

Q.  What made you tell the Indian story from the Native American’s perspective?  Didn’t that make your research more difficult?  The Indian story seems very authentic, but very different from the way we learned it in history class.

Q.  You had to learn Indian lore, silver mining, magic and wilderness survival among other things in order to write this big sprawling story… how did you go about it, and how would you advise another writer to get started on such a big book?