Cleveland on Tuesday

As you already know about me, I’ve been an avid student of every theology I could find since childhood.  Being Irish and from a line of psychics, I already knew the unseen world was at least as important as the one we could see and quantify.

When I was in my early 20’s I began to study with a marvelous Metaphysician whose wisdom about the way the Universe really works set my feet on a path of wonder.

My favorite memory of Mrs. Wrench is this:

I asked her how much free will we mortals have and she replied:

“Let me explain free will to you dear.  If God wants you in Cleveland on Tuesday, you have the free will to choose if you will walk or ride or swim or fly.  But let me assure you, you’ll be in Cleveland on Tuesday.”

Since then I’ve been privileged to study with Shamans, High Lamas, Medicine Men, Gurus, Priests, Rabbis and Sages… and I’ve shared quite a lot of what I’ve learned on the way to Cleveland.

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