Your Sun Sign

Nearly everyone is aware of his or her sun sign now.  Daily horoscopes on time or in the newspapers, plus a million media references to celebrities’’ birth signs have made the jargon commonplace, while the deeper understanding of The Sun Sign’s significance in your astrological chart tends to go unexplained.

Your Sun Sign is a major player in the interpretation of what your soul brought to the party of life in this incarnation.  It’s a snapshot of dominant traits, an archetypal big picture of your persona, drives, worldview, etc. – we all know a Cancerial life is drawn by the need to nurture, a Virgo life by the need to establish order, etc. – yet this is still just one part of a large and complex picture in which nine planets (each with its own energy agenda) and twelve houses (each with its own special significance) all intersect with each other in dynamic ways to form a blueprint of the soul.

Discover Yourself

Your Sun Sign is, however, one of the three most important placements in your horoscope (Sun/ Moon/ Ascendant) and it’s a superb place to begin the process of self-discovery that can be yours through astrology.  What follows is by no means a serious study of the Sun Signs, but rather a somewhat playful observation post that will be elaborated on as the astrological portion of The Mysterious Library expands into daily horoscopes and personal charts become available here.  You might say its just a bit of astrological insight with which to whet your appetite for what’s to come.

I hope you enjoy this preliminary stargazing, and return to The Mysterious Library in a month or so to see what other astro opportunities are on our library shelves by then.

For a small taste of the Astrology that will soon be coming to The Mysterious Library, click on your Sun Sign to learn a bit about your cosmic self: