Because the Moon rules your emotions and your home-front, you should be aware of its moods and phases.  Understanding Luna will help you learn when to forge ahead, when to lay low and when to rethink your options.

New Moon


Each lunation begins at the New Moon.  The New Moon is the dark of the Moon and isn’t visible from earth.  In the dark of the Moon things can get lost or go awry.

First Quarter

New beginnings start now.  It’s a perfect time to plant a seed or start a project.  The Moon is waxing… getting bigger and adding strength to endeavors.  The crescent moon becomes visible a day or so after the new moon.

Second Quarter


Moon still waxing… projects are growing and getting ready to bear fruit.

Full Moon

When the Moon is full, everything comes to light.  Magic is most potent now.  Things come to fruition.  However, this is not a good time for surgery as your personal tide is full, too, and you can bleed too freely.

Moon Void-of-Course

This is a confusing time.  Plans or projects may fail to materialize.  Don’t make big decisions or sign anything important, and it’s best to check everything twice.

Waning Moon

The period from Full to New is called the waning moon.  It is an introspective time and a good time to complete old projects or jettison outworn ideas.  In Magic, anything that needs to be banished can be gotten rid of now.