The Message: My New Book…Just Released

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Motherbookv2 For many years I kept my metaphysical world mostly under wraps.  I had children to raise, a business to run, a husband to please, and the world had not yet caught up with the Other Worldly studies that allowed me a window to a far larger reality than most people know about.  A reality in which prayer moved mountains, angels intervened in human affairs, healing of body, mind and spirit came from an infinite number of dimensions beyond the visible.  A reality where Qi and the frequencies of light and sound go beyond our current understanding of quantum physics into metaphysics and open cosmic doors to all the dimensions that constitute the next frontier of human exploration. 

I’d been born into a family replete with psychic gifts and had studied with healers, shamans, medicine men and women, with those who not only didn’t think inside the box, they simply didn’t believe the box exists in the continuum of time, space and beyond.  But with the exception of astrology and spiritual healing, I kept most of it to myself and my family.  Except in my fiction, of course, where my characters could take what I’d learned to a wider audience with impunity.

Origins of The Message

Bigstock_30812546The Message was channeled to me over several years, starting in the late nineties.  This was a time when I was deeply engaged in all these serious spiritual pursuits – healing, shamanic journeying and mystical research, as well as the study of martial arts and qi, were occupying large amounts of my time and consciousness.  I believe that when we open the psychic portals through ceremony, ritual and serious study, we gain access to other realms from those our ordinary consciousness permits, and so it was for me, the next step on a journey into the Unknown, but perhaps not entirely unknowable. 

I have no way of proving the authenticity of the Message I received, but I’ve been so deeply touched by what was said that I have always wanted to share it with any who wish to know of its existence.  This book has circulated among close friends who’ve encouraged me to share it now with a wider audience because so many of The Mothers’ (that’s what I call my otherworldly informants) predictions that were implausible then, seem to be coming true and because the world has evolved enough to be open to possibilities beyond the ordinary.

You Decide

Bigstock_12757586In channeling, Messages are received, but their origin can never be proven.  Are they from the Cosmos, the Collective Unconscious of humanity or from our own fertile imagination and heart?  Nobody knows for certain – least of all those who receive the messages, so I can only say I’m sincere in my belief that the experience was real and that The Mothers, whose Message it is, are the female essence of God.

I leave it to you, dear Reader, to decide for yourself if this is divinely inspired Truth or allegory.  If The Message rings true for you, as it does so clearly for me, perhaps that’s all that really matters. 

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Posted on April 19th 2014 in Metaphysics

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  1. Karen Stuart Says:


    When will The Message Book II be available?

  2. Cathy Says:

    Sorry to say no plans for that at the moment

  3. Cathy Says:

    Sorry to say no 2nd book is scheduled as yet.

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