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DakotaMy daughter Dakota is just about to graduate from college, and I have the awful maternal fear that I might have forgotten to tell her something that’s really important. So I made a list. 

I know the accumulation of wisdom is a lifelong task and can’t be hurried or culled from someone else’s hands – but maybe it can be supported by the good will of one who truly loves you. At least, I hope so. These thoughts probably don’t have much to offer her at this moment of youthful discovery and untried freedoms, but maybe one day, a while from now, she’ll look at them again and understand what I’d hoped would sustain her, as she climbs life’s mountains. Like an On-Star System to turn to some dark night on a lonely road, where the path is not quite as clear as it seems today, and the task of finding the way home seems daunting.

The original list held 100 hopes, but I’ve picked out 25 today, because this seems like the time of year when introspection and wishes for those we love, intersect. If any reader would like to see the rest, please let me know.

Like life, these hopes are in no particular order: 

Cathy Cash Spellman wish list for daughter © Cathy Cash Spellman/The Wild Harp & Co. Inc 2011


Posted on December 2nd 2011 in Notes to My Daughters, The Philosopher’s Teacup, Women

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  1. Gerry Says:

    The list is awesome and I intend to share it with my daughters. However, I think your fear about forgetting to tell Dakota something important is unfounded. Your very dear Dakota has had over twenty years to observe you, one of God’s kindest, wisest, teachers. I am sure she has been an excellent student and will continue to spread love. I think a lot of learning occurred without her even knowing it. And that is a prime example as to why we should all be trying our best at all times. Smile.

  2. Dakota Says:

    What a sweet message…as always! Thank you for reminding me it’s the everyday examples that matter most. I’ll bet your daughters could write a gorgeous list of all the beautiful things they’ve learned from you through the years.

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