Life Outside the Box

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EnergyAs you already know about me, I was born with a caul, so it wasn’t considered odd in an Irish family that I could see force fields around people, plants, things – not in color most of the time — but rather as some kind of exquisite electrical emanations.  The whole world of matter seemed to me to be in molecular motion – no solid object really solid — all the world around me made up of zillions upon zillions of rapidly moving infinitesimal particles.  I thought this simply meant I had better eyesight than those who couldn’t see the particles or their movement, but it really never occurred to me that it wasn’t the truth of how the world worked.  Years later, when I became seriously involved in alternative healing, martial arts and Chinese medicine, I realized that most of the practitioners of all these modalities shared my gift, and that most ancient cultures relied on the ability to see energy as a requirement for anyone who aspired to be a healer.

Life as a Radio Receiver

Trouble was, I didn’t really trust my psychism (or intuition, if you prefer that term).  Being a mystic was like being a radio that could tune into a wider range of stations than everybody else, but the trouble with being a wide band receiver was trying to figure out where the programming was coming from, before you trusted what it had to say.  God forbid some cosmic Rush Limbaugh might be fiddling with my psyche.  Worse yet, the set didn’t always have the best reception.  Some days I could tune into radio-free Heaven with no trouble at all, other days the lower astral was the best I could hope for.  So I tended to turn a wary eye on all I learned from strictly psychic sources.  After all, it wasn’t until the ‘90’s that being psychic made you a sought-after party guest.

No Need to Proselytize

All of this has led me on a lifelong journey into the unseen and the unknown. AcupunctureI’ve studied with both doctors and healers – Native American Medicine teachers, Shamanic and Spiritual healers, Chinese doctors, Osteopathic doctors. I’ve studied Astrology, Metaphysics and Shamanism as well as multiple forms of Alternate Medicine, and at the end of the day, I firmly  believe that Qi, the invisible energy that much of the world accepts the existence of, is at the heart of most paranormal experience, most illness and most healing.  I never try to convince anyone of the validity of what I’ve seen and experienced, but I do happily share the wealth of these learnings with those who are genuinely interested.  The continuing journey has been mind-blowing and clarifying.

I believe women’s psychism, intuition and willingness to explore open-mindedly, the subtler aspects of life – those that are not easily visible to the eye, but rather to the soul – is an enormous resource  for our world.  Unfortunately, this openness is a gift that was downplayed and criticized for centuries in a male-dominant world.  Once called Women’s Intuition to set it apart from men’s “rational” thinking, it was too often ridiculed or feared and persecuted. Fortunately for humanity’s spiritual evolution, men are more openminded now and seeking answers about the great spiritual questions, too .  I have a hunch the next generation of breakthroughs in quantum physics will explain a good deal of this phenomena, in a way that makes it more “scientific” and therefore more palatable for men, but in the meantime, attitudes are beginning to shift.  One century’s magic tends to become the next century’s science, after all, as when Alchemy gave birth to Chemistry, so I have great hope for future understanding and for spiritual breakthroughs  from both genders so that all humanity will  more fully value  the psychic/intuitive abilities that have so long been swept under the rug.  

The Quest for Wellness

Dr. John UpledgerBut in the meantime, if you’re game to come with me on a small journey of exploration, I’d like to share with you, over the months to come, some of what I’ve been able to learn about keeping body/mind/spirit healthy, happy and harmonious.

Inasmuch as the Chinese (who are really sophisticated in their knowledge of unseen energies and of a totally different way to approach wellness) believe body, mind and spirit are all so interconnected that you can’t affect one, without effecting all, I’ll try to offer thoughts on all three (and whatever else comes down the pike that looks interesting for a brand New Year.)

But  if healing doesn’t interest you, not to worry.  There’s always philosophy, politics, sex, religion, astrology, and a million other topics to talk about.  So I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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  1. Gerry Says:

    I am definitely looking forward to more information on healing, psychism, and especially your thoughts on why the world will not end on Dec. 21st this year. I agree with that BTW. I think we have much more to learn and much more to accomplish. We are not done yet. We are only half-baked. 🙂

  2. Cathy Says:

    You’re so right about more to learn and accomplish! I’m glad we’re still baking.. have great expectations for this year…lots of powerful new energies coming from the cosmos…lots of work to do…I just wish I could figure out how to fit a few more hours into every day so there’s time to accomplish it all!

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