Libra_ScalesBecause your symbol is the Scales of Justice, people always expect you to be balanced, a dicey task in a wacky world.  In truth, the gift of your sign, dear Libra, is the ability and need to seek balance, which doesn’t mean you’ll always find it, only that you’ll keep on trying against ridiculous odds.

Your balancing act can be challenged by your favorite tormentor:  love.  So try to remind yourself that ups and downs, while hard on the nerves, provide some of life’s most essential – and in the case of love, most pleasurable – lessons. You’re drawn by your nature to partnership, whether in marriage or business, and you need to dignify your relationships with contracts or marriage licenses that give you – at least for the moment – a sense of safety and completion.

Cosmically, your birth month is the turning point in the Zodiac between individual unfoldment and the structuring of relationships, so the journey into relationship is what you’re all about in this lifetime. 

Venus Rules!

bigstock-Realms-Of-The-Mind-47630845Ruled by Venus, your heart needs beauty and harmony like other hearts need potassium – you simply can’t survive without them.  You, also (more than other sign) need friends, lovers, allies – to help you on the journey toward self-knowledge.

Because of your easy-going, peace loving persona, people sometimes forget that you’re Cardinal Air – the very apex of airy intelligence is yours, provided you can find a way to stay grounded.  You have the ability to venture into flights of fancy (sometimes losing yourself in hopelessly romantic fantasy that’s doomed to disappoint) and sometimes taking wing into the creative stratosphere, leaving others dazzled in the dust. 

You have a secret self that fears being alone, and you can be horribly disappointed when the world, and those in it, can’t live up to your high-minded hopes and dreams.

Venus rules you, Libra.  She makes you beautiful and attractive to others, a most generous and gracious gift.  She also makes you long for peace and harmony and balance – to say nothing of longing for the good life.  You both want and need a life full of creature comforts, fine food, beautiful homes and a great wardrobe, and it doesn’t hurt to have a loyal group of admirers who are drawn to your glow like moths to the flame.

 Artful Teamwork

bigstock-Team-of-friends-showing-unity--37117480You tend to be a team player and you’d like the team to act according to Hoyle, whenever possible.  Charm and social graces are important to you, and you’d really like the world to be a fair and just place, if they’d only put you in charge.  Of course, if they did put you in charge, you’d immediately pull together a committee to complete the action you’ve initiated, as you’re here in this lifetime to practice cooperation, companionship and relationship, wherever you can, and you’re not mad about confrontations or defined decision-making.  Although your agile mind loves to create, and is brilliant at innovation, you really don’t want to create all alone, as even in your artistry, you need the approbation and admiration of others.

Airy Libra seeks lofty knowledge and intellectual stimulation – psychology and human relationships draw you in ways so natural even you don’t quite know why it’s all so important to you.  You can listen well and counsel well, playing the role of the arbitrator and peacemaker in one.  Your creativity can find an outlet in writing, various art forms, or in any pursuit that has beauty and understanding of human nature as a component.

Balancing Act

bigstock-Buddha-hands-holding-flower-47788762You are likely to store up anger rather than expunging it, because you’re far too polite to spew it out at every slight – but once it accumulates beyond the boiling point, the first three rows better step back.  You, dear Libra, will not only vent all you’ve been saving up for years, but you’ll tell it all in detail (after which you’ll feel intense remorse for having upset the balance).

The good news, dear Libra is this:  everybody wants to be around you, and half the Zodiac would love to be you.  So enjoy your elegance, pleasure and good nature – let your lilting airborne spirit take you by the hand to find the great life you crave and expect.  You can rest in the knowledge that you’re more than willing to share all that good stuff with those around you.

Libra and Health

bigstock-Pretty-girl-reading-novel-at-b-19570289Anatomically, the endocrine system is the part of you ruled by Libra – after all, this glandular system is the lawgiver and regulator of balance throughout the body – a potent metaphor for your sign.  It’s important that you pay attention to balance in your wellness routine, too.  Even if you’re not drawn to being an Olympic contender you look so good in swimsuits and evening garb, it will probably inspire you to remember to get to the gym.

Libra and Love

bigstock-Tree-of-love-51256813You’re an enchanter, always trying to keep your relationships beautiful and harmonious.  You want your surroundings to be artful, your love life interesting, your partnership stable.  The house in which your natal sun sign is placed puts emphasis on where you put your best effort when in love, but you will make that effort in hopes of living happily ever after.  If you’re fortunate enough to find the one you dream about, you can become so devoted that you run the risk of becoming an emotional doormat – but because of your Venus-bred desirability, there’s a better than even chance you’ll simply be adored in return. You tend to be playful about sex and you rather expect to be adored – after all, you’re a child of Venus.  Sex integrates well with the rest of your life, ebbing and flowing in a gentle rhythm, rather than a sporadic and wild conflagration.  You feel love is your due, and you happily invite it into all areas of your world and your psyche, with relatively few hang-ups.  To you, sex is a form of pleasurable, languid communication to be savored, not a raging passion that must be sated.

Libra and Career

bigstock-Decorative-Scales-Of-Justice-I-33449441You’re the mediator in the workplace and very fair-minded.  Given your druthers, you’ll opt for the high road in negotiation and in decision-making.  You do well in all businesses that have to do with fashion, art, architecture or any other expression of beauty, balance and harmony, and you can be a fine judge of whatever happens to need judging, whether on a tennis court or in a court of law.

Libra and Finance

bigstock-Money-going-through-an-hole-in-45017251Finance isn’t your best area of expertise – not because you can’t figure it out, but because your Venusian nature generally opts for the good life, rather than the fiscally frugal one.  Frugality is just not generous enough for you, and your optimistic spirit truly believes that the new Lagerfeld something or other you just splurged on will look so good on you that it will inspire some windfall to come out of the blue to pay for it. You can fall into shopoholism with the drop of a credit card,  and if it ever comes to a choice between food and Armani, your wardrobe will win hands down.  Over-indulgence is a probability, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth worrying about, or if it’s just another gift from Venus.

Libra and Friends

bigstock-Group-of-partying-girls-clinki-48624821You love your friends.. love making them, having them, confiding in them and knowing they’re there for you in times of crisis.  Because your attractiveness to others is nature’s gift, worrying about friendship really doesn’t make you lose much sleep – you just assume friends will always be around.  What can be worrisome for you is any dissension in the ranks.  If your cohorts argue among themselves or wrangle about who’s your favorite, your sense of balance goes haywire and you can’t rest until you smooth all the feathers and make sure there’s harmony again.




Dates:                       September 24- October 23

Ruling Planet:          Venus

Energy:                     Cardinal

Element:                   Air

Symbol:                    The Scales

Strength:                 Harmony, refinement, beauty

Spirit:                       Positive, Masculine

Keywords:               Cooperative, intelligent, excellent mediator

Soul Message:         “I balance”