Your legendary personal magnetism, charisma and extroverted personality all combine to make you King or Queen of the Hill.  You’re ambitious, proud and willful, an aristocrat to the bone, but inside your regal exterior beats a surprisingly vulnerable heart that can have its innocent, childlike wonder all too easily squashed by not being properly appreciated or respected.

Your fiery nature can make you both bold and heroic, add in the fact that you both want and need to be a star and you can bet your boots you’ll never, ever go unnoticed.  Whether it’s business, family or social sphere that provides the arena, you can be certain that somehow you’ll get to be the one in the center of the circle, where the spotlight is shining brightest.  And, for the most part, that’s fine with the rest of the world, because leadership is your nature.

Because you’re usually on camera and on the move, it’s often hard to get you to pay attention to the inner you.  Your core being needs to learn when to rest your ego, and when to stop seeking approval from the peanut gallery.  It also needs to be reminded from time to time that you are loved, not because you’re in charge, but because you’re you.  When wounded, your instinct is to brood and withdraw that golden glow that others love to bask in.

Spread the Sunshine

Leo’s challenge is to use its well-blessed sunshine gifts in a way that benefits everyone, not just the self.  You need to find the balance and integrity to stay in the center of the circle – not selfishly reaping the rewards of kingship – but unselfishly sharing both your wisdom and your capacity for leadership with those who follow and very much want what you have to give. 

At your best, dear Leo, you are a bright and shining star that sheds light and warmth on the world as it beams its light along the path where others can follow.  Just be aware of the stubbornness and withdrawal that can accompany hurt if you feel unloved or slighted.

You’re full of sunshine, verve and creativity.  You love to take risks, to win, to perform, to take center stage, so you spend a lot of time on top of the world.  When it comes to true love, you’ll be loyal, true and so very dazzling that your beloved may be overwhelmed by your glorious attentions.  But if somebody you care about hurts your feelings, wounds your pride or seriously disagrees with what you know to be the way to go, then it’s nearly impossible for that lover to get back in your good graces.  All or nothing is the Leo logo.

Need for Appreciation

young beautiful woman on field in summerYou crave love and attention and all that appreciation makes you purr like a big pussycat, but your secret is that you also have doubts and insecurities – go ahead and admit it – but they’re buried deep under that sunshine exterior and only peek out under extreme conditions.  Majestic and proud, particular about your own style and always apt to be the one people look at and up to, you find it hard to admit a mistake, and are very likely to carry the guilt and regrets for a long, long time.  You’re so easy to love that many will try to win your heart, but to achieve the loyal and forever mate you crave, you’ll have to learn to forgive and forget, if your ego gets bruised as it’s impossible to live a lifetime without an occasional bump in the road.  The result will be well worth the effort.

Leo and Health

woman running at sunsetThe good life calls to you, which makes you a brilliant host or hostess, a sought after guest, and a gracious social power-player.  But the piper must be paid, so after the parties are over, you’ll have to look to diet and exercise as a counter balance to all that yummy fun, as self-indulgence is the sport of kings, but it can add inches to the waistline.

You need more rest than most signs – time back in your lair, in between triumphs, is necessary to recharge your batteries.  The sun, your ruler, revives you, and you tend to droop like a sunflower, if the skies stay gray for too long.  Please feel free to understand this both physically and metaphysically, as you need sun and light on all levels of life to prosper.

The heart, back and spine are Leo’s health issues in the zodiac, so you need to balance your passions and heartfelt emotions as you grow older, in order to keep your physical heart healthy and happy.

Leo and Love

Hands Of Love. The Sun Is Our Power.Your flamboyant heart wants to give and receive love in an impassioned, extravagant way.  You are larger than life sized in all your romantic pursuits (and pretty much everything else).  Your heart is quick to flame and will continue to burn brightly as long as you’re loved back in a way you deem appropriate.  Disloyalty is one of the biggest turn-offs in your world.

You truly want a soulmate, but you can easily be lured astray by someone who looks the part of your physical ideal (and is therefore fit for a King or Queen) even if that person doesn’t have the depth of field you’ll need for soulmate status over the long haul.  But in the end, you’ll probably hold out for a mate who is up to your standard and who means to love you forever.  Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, but your love nature is extravagant enough so that however long love lasts, it will probably be flamboyant and memorable enough to hold a place in your heart, and your lover’s, forever. 

Your sexual stamina, by the way, is legendary.  Leo males are nearly priapic – able to make love many times a day or night without fatigue.  Leo of both genders love to make love and have bedroom stamina others should envy.

You’ll hope for a perfect audience, but if you find a partner who can be a true love for a lifetime, you’ll be loyal and stalwart, and purr like a giant cat in perpetuity, as your romantic yearnings are fulfilled.

Leo and Career

Key to CareerYou tend to rise to the top of the heap in your chosen field of endeavor – you know that already.  But whether you’re the boss or the employee, you’ll need to find work in which you can be respected.  Your sunny creativity and innate ability to be noticed combine to catch people’s eye – you’ll work hard and inventively if you’re really passionate about what you do, but a boring job with little hope of advancement will either make you lazy or make you history.

Your communication skills are superb, so any career that has a public relations component – like acting, public speaking, art or advertising – is your métier.  Your incandescence, your sparkle and your spectacular verbal acuity all have the potential to cover you with starshine.

Leo and Finance

Gold And Silver U.s. Bullion CoinsMoney is attracted to you, but your generous nature sometimes lets it slip right through your fingers.  Confident that you can always make more, you like to live large and share the goodies with your entourage.  Frugal is simply a word that never trips lightly off a Leo’s tongue.

You can most easily make your fortune in any business that has to do with the public or the spotlight.  Leos often make great orators or great lawyers (and who ever heard of a poor lawyer) and best news yet, when it comes to investments, Leo luck is far better than average.

You do need to control your impulse to spend like there’s no tomorrow.  You love luxury and feel you deserve it, as the Leo child in you is to the manner born and has great expectations of life that start at a luxurious level and go up from there.  There’s no point in telling you to watch your pennies, dear heart, it’s just not in your nature to do so.  And besides, the luck that sustains Leos against all odds is probably sufficient to keep you on the sunny side of the ledger throughout your lifetime. 

Leo and Friends

Girls group friends having fun happy lying on the beach sand shoYou radiate sunlight and the world beats a path to your castle door.  People want to bask in your generous, good-hearted glory, so you’ll never lack for courtiers to make merry with.

 But when it comes to real friends, you must choose carefully the ones who love the real you, not just the sunshine generous you who showers gifts and goodies.  You must guard, too, against demanding that friends adore you relentlessly, because that can get tiresome and even the best of pals need to be adored back in order to keep the balance.

You have a loyal nature, but you can also be seduced by whatever’s new and glamorous, so to assure yourself of real friends, the kind who are there in the clinches, you have to be certain that you intuit which ones are the people who would love you even if you weren’t King or Queen (as if that could even happen!)  Those who love you need to be appreciated and respected, too, and can feel hurt when the ‘next great thing’ catches your attention.




Dates:                       July 24-August 23

Ruling Planet:          The Sun

Energy:                     Fixed

Element:                   Fire

Symbol:                    The Lion

Strength:                 Queenliness, loyalty, power 

Spirit:                       Benevolent, fun, loving, charismatic

Keywords:               Kingly, courtly, powerful, radiant, leader

Soul Message:         “I rule”