Healing Hands

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Golden Buddha MudraMudras are hand positions that connect up certain circuitry in our systems for specific purposes.  You might call it Yoga or Tai Qi for your hands.  In a way, it’s like using our extremities as antennas to pick up specific universal  energy wavelengths and conduct them into your system.  Mudras are used throughout Indian, Japanese  and  other  cultures as gentle, easy means of empowerment. They are employed as a means of guiding energy flow and reflexes to the brain and nervous system, as well as the meridian system. It’s been postulated that the curious poses shown in much Pre-Columbian artifacts may also suggest that knowledge of mudras existed in Central America in ancient times, too.

If you like to meditate, or just sit quietly every once in a while to collect yourself, you may be surprised by exploring the potential of Mudras. Here are a few easy favorites:

Mudra for Recharging Energy


This mudra builds up energy throughout your system and gives you a greater capacity for dealing with life’s bumpy challenges.  The hands in this mudra activate and recharge the main energy channel in your spine, filling it with new vibrant force.

You can practice this mudra any time, and virtually any place.  After just a few minutes you’ll feel a difference.

Sit with a straight spine and extend your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground.  Make a fist with your right hand.  Wrap your left fingers around the fist, with the bases of the palms touching, thumbs close together and extended straight up.  Focus your eyes on the thumbs.  Breathe:  controlled, long, deep, and slow.  Imagine the colors Red, Orange, Violet.  Continue for a few minutes and relax.

Mudra for Powerful Insight

Mudra 2

When you’re uncertain about what to do next or how to solve a problem, or if you feel alone and confused, remember that you can find the answer within yourself.  You just need to breathe deeply, calm down, and concentrate.  With the help of this mudra, you can unearth the insight you need to solve the riddle because this mudra coordinates both sides of the brain and stimulates the insight centers.

Sit with a straight spine, elbows out to either side.  Raise your hands until they meet above the navel.  The back of the left hand rests on the right palm and the thumbs are crossed, left over right.  Now all you have to do is concentrate on your Third Eye center.  Imagine the color Indigo.  Breathe:  Long, deep, and slow. 

Mudra for Happiness


The capacity for Happiness comes from within, even if it often doesn’t feel that way.  With regular practice of this mudra, you can shift gears into a happier outlook because the power of this mudra has a great effect on the neural peptides your brain produces that promote a feeling of joyfulness.

Sit comfortably with a straight spine.  Curl the ring and small fingers and press them into your palms firmly but gently with the thumbs.  Keep the first two fingers pointing straight up.  Keep your spine straight and lift the elbows to the side and away from the body.  Think Green and breathe:  Controlled, long and deep, concentrating on the Third Eye as you breathe.


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Posted on January 20th 2012 in Alternative Healing, Metaphysics

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