bigstock-Gemini-Twins-47000602You’ve got star quality, Gemini. You’re smart, witty, sexy and full of verve. You spot what’s hot before the world does and you zip right out to get it without undue deliberation or soul-search.

You are as airy as the wind… changeable, adaptable, brilliant, always on the move… impossible to catch hold of, even with a net.

Your duality expresses itself in a million capricious ways – you zing from thought to thought, concept to concept, person to person, with a dizzying facility that dazzles the world around you but doesn’t exactly provide you or others with a sense of stability or fidelity.

People flock to your irreverent wit and charmingly unself-conscious self-confidence. Your ability to adapt to whatever surprises life tosses into the ring makes you resilient, bouncy and endlessly re-inventive of self. One door slams, you blithely open another – with a sure sense that some fun opportunity lies waiting behind it that you might not have found, otherwise. No crying over spilled opportunity for you… just on to the next, with a keen sense of expectation.

Just a small word of caution: remember that all this flitting can be wearying and, though it’s fun while it lasts, it doesn’t provide a stable nest or the grounding you need in your life to realize your abundant dreams. It pays to get to know yourself early on, so you can make proper decisions about what’s really important and where to focus your considerable energies. You can pretty much have it all, if you can just figure out what the “all” is that you want to keep.


bigstock-a-pretty-woman-on-a-swing-vint-52735486Your quicksilver tongue and confident charm make you the ideal companion – add to that your quick-witted intellect and you’ve got a blueprint for career success. Especially if that career is in the sphere of communication – words, ideas, advertising, promotion, books, teaching, broadcasting, the arts, are all your métier – and any job of a mercurial nature that requires instantaneous responsiveness.

Mercury, your brilliant, quixotic and fleet-footed ruler in the zodiac was the messenger of the Gods. In astrology, he governs the mind, nervous system and all means of communication.

Mercury-driven, you are mega-restless and won’t tolerate boredom. You tend toward being high-strung and can deplete your reservoirs by running in several directions at once, shot-gunning instead of rifling whatever’s in your sights. That’s all because of the curiosity that drives you, and because of your duality that makes seeing both sides of everything seem perfectly normal. “Do I contradict myself?” said Walt Whitman. “Very well. I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” So do you, my Gemini friend.

Your delight in flitting from thought to thought and person to person, shows a certain lack of commitment, so you need to be aware of others’ needs and emotions, not merely on an intellectual basis. Commitment doesn’t come naturally to you, so you may want to give consideration to determining who and what in your life, you don’t want to lose so you don’t lose them inadvertently.

Pinning you down in love is like getting two people to commit, so you’re not one of the zodiac’s easier catches, but you are definitely one that everybody else would love to cozy up to, even if only for a little while.

Mercury in Motion

bigstock-Air-Balloon-4780490Mercurial Gemini, you’re always on the move – intellectually, romantically, physically and spiritually. Your dual nature allows you to be everywhere at once, sating your endless curiosity in clever, inventive ways, usually at top speed… usually for no reason at all other than that the spirit moves you where you want to go, and promises you’ll find something new and wondrous when you get there.

You’re the great communicator of the zodiac, with enough energy for a battalion. An adventurous, ever-changing emotional landscape, and a sense of accelerated speed that could give others the heebie-jeebies, fills you with exhilaration. Yours is the zodiac sign best suited for the careers in which quick-witted insights, lightning decisions and general intellectual prowess are key. Of course, you are also media darlings so life in the electronic spotlight works, too.

You’re a flirt by nature – and a love-magnet, but your speedy boredom with routine means you’d better find a beloved who isn’t jealous and who has the same capacity to re-invent the wheel that you do. They’ll all love your sparkle… they’ll all love your sense of adventure… but long term, you’ll need a steadying influence with oodles of understanding of your need for multiple freedoms.

Geminis tend to lead charmed lives, if they can use their fine intellect to balance the need for new excitement with the need for long-term security. If you can meet that challenge, dear Gemini, you’ll lead the rest of the world a merry chase and have a lot of fun doing it.

Gemini and Health

bigstock-Close-up-of-rear-view-of-a-pre-48625085You tend to be a grazer in the fields of health. In a restaurant, you’ll order what you want, then nibble a smidge of everyone else’s. You’re the same way with exercise – a little of this today, a little of that tomorrow. You’re probably a great dancer, jogger or walker, as sitting still is definitely not your bag, and you’ll probably stay in motion in so many ways, you’ll never really lack for exercise, even if it isn’t regimented. As long as your nervous system doesn’t get too stressed out by living constantly on high E, and as long as you sit down occasionally to take stock of your own wellbeing, you should fare just fine in the health department.

Gemini’s weakness is the lungs, so smoking is a definite no for you – other than that, you just need not to burn the candle at both ends, at least not everyday of the week and you should be healthy, hearty and well-wired into an excellent old age.

Gemini and Love

bigstock-valentines-s-day-58917599It’s not easy to snag you or to hold you, dear Mercury-powered Gemini. You love love, just not necessarily with the same person forever and ever. As a Gemini friend once said to me, “I can live happily ever after… as long as I do it with sequential partners.”

If and when you do decide to settle down, the key is a lover who understands that your flirtatiousness doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve strayed permanently. One who thinks you’re worth the anxiety and uncertainty you can generate without really meaning to. One who is content to be the person you come home to after your peripatetic wanderings.

Geminis do like sharing interests and goals and they love to communicate, so you just need to see to it that you and your lover share plenty of common ground and that you both love to socialize, so no one’s left home nursing a grudge.

You tend to marry more than once… but, hey, these days so does everybody else.

Gemini and Career

You’re a quick change artist who’s capable of adapting with chameleon swiftness to any new set of circumstances. You stimulate others and need endless stimulation yourself, to keep from boredom. You’re fun to work with or for, and if you can wrangle the role of dealmaker you shine like a solar flare.

A thousand diverse aspects that make others dizzy, make you hum like a busy bee, as you weave the tendrils into a workable whole. Career’s a game you love, not one you’ve got an emotional investment in, so you juggle a zillion balls happily and dazzle the less gifted with your virtuosity. Just don’t get saddled with a boring, detail-laden job that requires perseverance and patience, or you’ll be history so fast they’ll think you were shot from a cannon.

Gemini and Finance

bigstock-Woman-Putting-Coin-In-Piggy-Ba-46096636Donald Trump, Baron de Rothschild, and Lawrence Rockefeller are Geminis… need I say more about money potential? You can handle high-pressure, you can sell sand to Bedouins, you master languages and nuances of language like C3PO, and you’re lightning on the uptake, all of which makes business your bailiwick. In fact, your verbal skills, quick brain and deal-making potential are naturals for stock, bond or commodity trading as well as communications businesses and anything that puts you in the spotlight.

Look for financial gain in any area where charm, dexterity, the ability to manipulate and to be happy in a pressure cooker are prerequisites, and presto-chango, you can strike it rich!

Gemini and Friends

bigstock-Best-Friends-39100651You have a gazillion acquaintances with more warming up in the wings, but very few close, long term friends. In fact, long term anything isn’t your long suit.

People are drawn to your glow but sometimes are put off by your delight in flitting from flower to flower. You’re such fun to be around they probably won’t give up on you altogether, but fidelity in relationships of all kinds is very often a soul issue to be grappled with in a Gemini lifetime.

You’ll instinctively prefer those who don’t make many demands on you and who let you do your own thing without being critical. You’ll gravitate toward people as social as you are, and as high energy. Its frequently only later in life that Geminis realize the value of true friendship and begin to cultivate the stick-to-it-ivity that it requires to flourish – but once you settle down a bit, the world will beat a path to your door so they can bask in your glow.




Dates:                       May 22-June 21

Ruling Planet:          Mercury

Energy:                     Mutable

Element:                   Air

Symbol:                    The Twins

Strength:                 Intelligence, quick wit and tongue, curious, inventive 

Spirit:                       Mercurial, dual-nature, capricious, versatile

Keywords:               Communicator, clever, liberal mind, constantly stimulated

Soul Message:         “I think”