An Excess of Love


Q.  Beth and Con’s relationship as sisters is so very moving.  What role did your sister Conny, to whom you dedicated this book, play in your portrayal of Con’s personality and courage?

Q.  The sisters were aristocrats like the Gore-Boothe sisters and William Butler Yeats, all of whom took the Irish side in the Rebellion.  What high passions and injustices caused people who had all the comforts of wealth at their disposal, to risk their lives for a Cause?

Q.  Con and Tierney, Beth and Seaneen, Kitty and Tahg are all great and tempestuous love stories, set in two generations.  Do you think times of war and peril inspire high passions and great loves to happen?

Q.  Michael Collins was a remarkably heroic man, yet his countrymen killed him.  Do you think the Irish nature or the ills of the times, was responsible for this betrayal?

Q.  What adventures befell you while trying to get to the heart of the Irish Troubles?

Q.  The IRA is very sympathetic in your tale… is today’s IRA, which is thought of as a terrorist organization, the same one as in 1916?