Cutting Away the Past In Case There’s No Medicine Man Handy

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I wish you could all share the experience I’ve just recounted, but I realize it’s not so easy to find a Medicine Man unless you happen to live in Santa Fe or Sedona, but perhaps there’s another way to leave the past behind, if you choose to.  Several people have written about this technique, but I learned it from a wonderful metaphysician named Rev. Margarite Batease of the Soul Heal Ministry, so I’ll pass along her methodology.

One of the lessons of a journey into a shamanic way of looking at the world is that as we go about the business of living, psychic/energetic links are created with people we know, from casual acquaintances to true intimates.  Those links are filaments of energy from one soul to another – like fine threads of silk, with the staying power of steel cable.  If a deep relationship forms, whether through love, hate or any other volatile emotion, the link becomes stronger, more cordlike.  In a possessive relationship, it can even become a chain, or shackles.

Native Americans are horrified, for example, by the idea that we Anglos think we can divorce without cutting these ties that bind.  In the Native culture, a divorcing couple spends four days with a medicine man to remove the links of love, hate, resentment, memory that tie husband and wife to each other and their life together.

The bad news is that these links are not automatically broken when we end a relationship, or even when one party dies.  The good news is that because the links are formed of energy, there are no barriers to cutting them… other than those we create with our own mind power.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter where the other soul is located, whether you’re physically in touch with that person, or whether they’re alive or dead.  You can release yourself from the bonds, if you know how, and at the same time, release the other soul.  The following is an easy and practical system for cutting the ties that bind you to the past.

How to Cut the Links

Sit or lie down in the position you find most relaxing, and breath yourself into an alpha state.  In other words, relax. Once you’ve reached this depth of relaxed consciousness, create a picture in your mind’s eye  of a giant figure eight or Infinity Sign, drawn on the ground.  Make the figure large enough to accommodate two chairs, placing one in each loop.  Visualize the person you wish to cut the link with in one chair, and place yourself in the other, knowing that you’re safe from whatever power that person has held over you in the past.

If you have something you wish to say, now is the timeto say it.  Don’t hold back, express everything you feel, tell him or her how you were hurt by past actions, or how much you love them, or the secrets you’ve been afraid to disclose.  If you need to forgive, do so, and if you need them to forgive you, ask sincerely for forgiveness.  Whatever it is that has burdened you, get it said now… the very act of disclosure is curiously freeing.

Next, in your mind’s eye, look down at your body to see if there are any energy cords attached to you.  They could be attached to you anywhere – the heart, throat, mind, even sexual organs and solar plexus are often the connection points.  Then look along the length of the cord, to see where it’s attached to the other person.  Your connections may be multiple and surprising as mine were.

Once you’ve found the two ends of the cord, imagine you have manifested the biggest pair of scissors imaginable (or a sword, knife or any cutting instrument that appeals to you) magically lying by your side.  You struggle to pick it up, as it’s enormous and very sharp.

Now you must cut the links as close to your body as you can, then cut the links as close to the other body as you can manage.  After doing so, you must ritually destroy the cord by one of the four purifying elements of this planet:  earth, air, fire or water.  Which one to use will most likely come into your mind quickly – if not, just choose whatever seems to you most potent.  If it’s fire, you could imagine a giant furnace, open the door and toss the cords in, or a bonfire of any kind will do.  They will immediately be consumed by the fire and change into purified energy.  You could throw the cords into the deepest part of the ocean for water purification… you could call up a hurricane or tornado for air purification, or you could bury it deep under a mountain, or in a spot that’s sacred to you for earth purification.  Whichever way feels right at the time will do the trick.

Tidying Up

When you’ve completed this process, it’s time to start working with the Light to heal and protect you both.  This is done by sending light around the figure eight, and allowing it to run as long  as you feel necessary for purification and protection.  Some have found this difficult to imagine, so Margarite suggested a little train on the track of the figure eight, that train being made of light, or perhaps of fire.  As you send the train around the track, it will seem to set up a protective, purifying wall between you and the one you wish to disconnect from.

Stay quiet for a while, then scan your body again.  It’s possible there’s a leftover link or two to the same person.  If you find there is, repeat the procedure until you feel all is clear.  You may feel emotionally drained or exhilarated afterwards, but it’s probably best not attempt to do more than one person in the same day, unless you feel very clear about this process.



© Cathy Cash Spellman/The Wild Harp & Co. Inc 2011

Posted on October 28th 2011 in Alternative Healing, The Philosopher’s Teacup

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