In the course of a life that has turned out to be astonishingly different from my perfectly sensible expectations, I’ve studied Indian lore with Cochise’s granddaughter, held a clairvoyant conversation with the Cosmic Keeper of a 50,000 year-old Crystal Skull, studied hands-on healing with some of the greatest healers on the planet, had my life saved by the head of the Jain monks, and the High Lama of the Tibetan Bon Po.

I’ve studied sex with Taoist masters, astrology and metaphysics with renowned teachers, and been in the company of angels (yes I really mean that literally!)  I’ve also run companies and helped create products that have become household names, so there’s a lot to talk about, but I mention the above because my odd-ball  life odyssey has allowed me the privilege of  meeting some of the most extraordinary people on the planet… people I’d like to introduce to you.

This list is just the beginning… but, like life, you have to start somewhere…

So many people ask me how to find my remarkable friends, I thought I’d make it easier to share their varied talents and wisdom with you.  Just click on their names.


Let Me Introduce You…

Chief Arvol Looking Horse:  Visionary Medicine Chief

Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux Nations, his life has revolved around a commitment to religious freedoms, and cultural survival, as well as a passionate commitment to protecting the Earth Mother.  He has the gift of prophecy, and has carried his message of World Peace to the United Nations, and major Universities such as Harvard and Yale.  He played a major role in retrieving the sacred medicine bundles and remains of his ancestors from the Smithsonian Museum and returning them to the tribal people.  His prayers have opened many sessions of the United Nations.

His book White Buffalo Teachings is an eloquent and moving exposition of a prophetic vision of what is necessary for us to do to save our planet, and what is demanded of us as a species, by the times in which we live.

Dr. Linda Burnham:  Naturopathic Physician

Linda looks so young (thanks to her famed Facial Rejuvenation System) that its hard to believe she was right hand woman to Eva Graff (one of the greatest spiritual healers of the 20th century) and co-founder of The Healing Light Center for many years, before becoming a Naturopathic Physician.  Her energy work, born of physical and spiritual training and then added to exponentially through study, is not merely rejuvenative, but curative as well.  Her Naturopathy, Herbalism and Aromatherapeutic knowledge is well worth a trip to Santa Fe to access – but if that’s not in the cards, try reaching her for a phone consultation.  She also travels extensively and you’ll find her schedule on her site.

Gail Bruce:  Artist, Entrepreneur and Indian Activist

Gail’s part Cherokee ancestry was the trigger point for her lifelong, passionate commitment to Indian activism.  She was instrumental in providing museum buildings to Reservations, so that sacred tribal artifacts could be returned from The Smithsonian.  She has worked tirelessly for Indian rights, education, and elder-care causes and is welcomed at the ceremonial fire of many of the Tribal Chiefs of the Great Indian Nations.  A well respected artist, she has also created a design business committed to helping Native designers and craftsmen bring their fashions to 7th Avenue and mainstream America.  If your interests run to Indian causes, she will happily point you in the right direction.

Her latest creation is Hip…an exciting lifestyle website for active, vibrant, involved people over 60 to find products, lifestyle info and shared knowledge.

Her distinctive painting style is the result of profound influences: the clean and simple look of Irving Penn’s photographs, the tranquility of Japanese images, and the mystery of a Chumash Indian Elder, who inspired Gail to become a Native American Education Activist.

Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere:  Healer and Mystic

Famed for her renowned healing work and her bestselling book Wheels of Light, Rosalyn is equally at home in the Kivas of the Hopi, the temples of the Tibetan Bon Po, and the corridors of America’s great teaching hospitals.

Founder of the Healing Light Center Church in California, she teaches around the world and has worked extensively with Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA and Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona’s Integrated Medicine Program, as well as many other medical institutions, who value both her diagnostic insights and her healing abilities. Both her healing abilities and her knowledge of mysticism have brought her world-wide fame and respect.

Conny Cash:  Financial Guru and Social Activist

My brilliant and amazing sister is a financial expert.  Actually, she’s expert in so many areas of life that it has been our family amusement that whenever we need to know, anything, we “Ask Conny.”  Her very popular website helps small business owners navigate all aspects and challenges of running their business life from start-up to selling the firm.  Her 30 years’ experience and her ability to un-complicate complex issues make her a sought-after speaker and lecturer, and in her spare time she is the acknowledged authority (per the Wall Street Journal) on Medicare.  (The Medicare Answer Book)

And did I mention she’s the best sister on the planet?

Dakota Cash:  Photographer/Artist

Dakota_CashMy beloved and very talented  daughter is  a Fine Arts/Photographer, Producer and Art Director.  She’s doing gorgeous work that’s featured all over this website.  I’m trying to keep my motherly pride about her work under control here, so I’ll just ask you to click on her name to see for yourself what her wonderful photos are like.  As to the rest of it, Dakota’s been bringing vast quantities of love, laughter, extraordinary insights, and outrageously whimsical humor to my world for 21 years.  How did I get so lucky?

Chief William Commanda:  Wise Elder

This amazing Algonquin Elder was until his recent passing, the carrier of three Sacred Wampum Belts that have historic and spiritual importance regarding prophecy and our environmental stewardship of Mother Earth.  His impassioned messages have reached leaders worldwide, and he has been honored by many nations and received The Order of Canada in 2008, a great honor.  His indigenous wisdom teachings are so beautiful and eloquent, I urge you to seek out their powerful understanding of our role in saving the planet and humanity.  I believe you’ll be touched to the heart by the simple profundity of his words.

He is deeply missed by those who loved him and benefited from his great-hearted wisdom.

Diane Diamond:  Healer through Bodywork

Diane Diamond began her involvement with the structure and energy system of the human body as a professional dancer.  For the past 20 years she has been a brilliant practitioner of Cranio Sacral and Visceral Therapies, as well as having evolved her own remarkable system of tapping into the core issues, far below consciousness, that dictate our structural dis-ease and dis-comfort of mind and body.  Her insights into the human condition and its needs are astounding, and her ability not only to heal, but to analyze causation in a way that shifts energetic patterning, is nothing short of remarkable.

Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione: Founders of the Center for Attitudinal Healing

Jerry Jampolsky, physician and psychiatrist, and Diane Cirincione, a doctor in the field of psychology, are married, and have been helping adults and children heal their hearts and minds for over 30 years. After decades of experience as doctors, they know that love expressed is the most powerful healing force in the world. So their work is based on the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. These two extraordinary doctors have devoted their lives to service and run the International Center for Attitudinal Healing to help people of all ages faiths and cultures, face both catastrophic events and everyday challenges. There are now over 100 centers for Attitudinal Healing in 27 countries on five continents.

Kevin Jennings:  Mystic

Lest you imagine there are no true mage’s left in the world any more, except in Harry Potter books, let me introduce my remarkable friend Kevin.  Not only is he a practitioner of High Magick in the Western Celtic Tradition, he is the most gifted Tarot Card reader I know, and a fine astrologer as well.  Kevin is a psychotherapist who uses his esoteric knowledge and power to help his clients resolve issues of this lifetime and others.  He is a co-founder with Catherine Shainberg, of W.E.S.T., Western Esoteric Spiritual Tradition, and the founder of The Sacred Island Center, and can be reached at (212) 627-0816.

Jane Kohler:  Healer through Bodywork

One day I asked the Universe to send me a brilliant rolfer and the very next morning, I found myself warming up on an exercise mat at my dojo, next to a dynamic woman who turned out to be not only a superb rolfer, but an extraordinary practitioner of many other modalities from Cranio Sacral and Visceral Therapies to lyengar yoga and several orthopedic and meridian based therapies, all amalgamated with her own special magic into a system of pleasurable and therapeutic bodywork that is quite remarkable.

Jane has studied with all the greats of the past 20 years and has — along with her own amazing hands — all the heart, soul and brainpower needed to suss out whatever your body needs to make it flourish.

Charles Lawrence:  Shaman

Charles is a world renowned spokesman for Native culture, ceremony and prophecy.  He has “carried the voice of the natives” from tribal elders from many cultures to those who care to learn to see beyond the ordinary, and is welcomed by tribal people worldwide as a brother.  Conducting ritual and ceremony to help people align with the Cosmos, heal, transform, experience gratitude, and feel “outrageously free” is the way Charles describes his work.  Next time you’d like to talk to a shaman, he’d been a splendid choice.

Mary-Margaret Moore:

Channel and Wisdom Teacher

Many of you may already know Mary-Margaret as the channeled voice of Bartholomew, one of the most trusted disembodied spiritual guides of the past half century.  For 18 years, Mary Margaret spoke, taught and wrote about Bartholomew’s galactic views about life on earth and where our species is headed.  Her/His five wonderful books are classics.

Although Bartholomew has completed his channeled teachings, Mary-Margaret continues to share his message of peace, love and the Sacred Self.  Seekers of wisdom all over the world can still experience Bartholomew’s insights through Mary-Margaret’s books, lectures and workshops — and from the fact that she now has a private practice for those who want a friend to talk to about their lives.  Mary-Margaret’s grace and generosity of spirit make Bartholomew’s and her own profound wisdom a joy to explore.

Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow:  Visionary

Wonderful teacher and friend, Joseph is a Native American Holy Man, healer, and visionary, who has created Peace Chambers around the world, using sacred sound to purify the earth and oceans.  His Picuris Pueblo name Tslew-the-koyeh, translates to Beautiful Painted Arrow (but his closest friends think of him as BPA).  Even the Dalai Lama has applauded the sacredness and power of Joseph’s visionary mission, which he brought before the United Nations.  His moving and inspiring books and tapes are available from Oak Books and his visionary paintings open a doorway to alternate dimensions of reality.  (

Darin Rubin:  Founder, Pulse of the Patient

Darin’s extensive background in the pharmaceutical world of oncology led him to the realization that patients with life-threatening diseases need far more than just the medical help they can expect from their physicians.  His belief that seriously ill patients need a way to connect with other patients who are experiencing both the disease and its treatments, led him to create Pulse of the Patient, a ‘quality of life site for anyone touched by cancer.’  This site is just getting started, but its intent is to be a social and informational network in which people with life-threatening illnesses can share knowledge, experience, concerns, and possibilities with each other in privacy, as well as finding state-of-the-art medical information.

Josseph the Starwatcher (Josseph Rynear): Master Astrologer

This formidable astrologer was once a college professor and has metaphysical credentials that Dumbledore could envy.  The twice-a-day Voice of the Stars on KTAOS, New Mexico Radio for twenty-five years, Josseph’s readings could plumb the depths of your karmic soul journey as well as help to guide your understanding of the future. He has recently left us to live among the stars, and he is missed so very much by those of us who loved and admired him.

Elayna Toby Singer: Artist and Ethnobotanist

Elayna Toby Singer, my much loved sister-in-law, is a remarkable artist, ethnobotanist, teacher and cultural anthropologist. As Director of Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places Program she works directly with artists to integrate architectural scale artworks into County buildings, parks and plazas. She also manages and curates the permanent and changing exhibitions at Palm Beach International Airport.

A celebrated studio artist in her own right, Elayna combines her deep love for nature’s bounty, with her affinity for ancient and indigenous cultures, in the art she creates. She magically transforms found objects, vintage tools, natural materials from trees to gemstones, into mixed media sculptures that invite viewers to connect to their own emotional, physical and spiritual core in a dynamic way. Her twirling, dancing mobiles awaken energy in any room they grace…I’m lucky enough to have one of her amazing pieces dancing in the sunbeams of my office as I write.

Reverend Betsy Stang: Interfaith Minister and Indian Activist

Betsy’s lifelong commitment to Native American Activism caused her to found the Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources in Woodstock, NY, and to be welcomed by Tribal People as a practicing Medicine Woman.  She co-produced Cry of the Earth, a conference that brought Native American elders and prophets before the United Nations is to voicing their mounting concerns about the dangers Mother Earth is facing.

She is an Interfaith Minister, a long time practitioner of Feng Shui, Astrology and various metaphysical disciplines, and brings an intriguing blend of Eastern and Western esoteric philosophy to her practice of Spiritual Healing, Counseling and Feng Shui.

Reverend Marian Starnes: Founder of The Brigade of Light and Terra Nova Center

Marian was the Founder of The Brigade of Light and Terra Nova Center (a non-denominational Spiritual Retreat Center) in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Marian is a loving, dynamic and feisty force for good in the world!  Called to ministry long ago by the unexpected appearance of a Being of Light, was told she was to be the voice of a message of Love and Hope to humanity.  And this is practically what her mission has been ever since.  She is a powerful Medium, a spiritual counselor, and preacher, and she does more charity work in a given day than most do in a lifetime.  It’s no wonder she is frequently in the company of angels.

Dana Ullman: Founder Homeopathic Educational Service

Dana is the world’s best writer on Homeopathy and is Founder of The Homeopathic Educational Service.  His very popular blog on The Huffington Post has introduced millions to the wonders of Homeopathy and made a 21st century, scientific case for the usefulness of this 200 year old energy medicine system that is very relevant to our current times.  Dana has probably done more than anyone alive to bring Homeopathy into the mainstream.

He regularly speaks at leading medical schools and universities. He has authored ten books and written chapters on Homeopathy in three leading medical textbooks. He is now also accepting phone appointments at (510) 649-0294.

Dr. John Upledger: Founder The Upledger Institute

Dr. John Upledger was a genius, whose work with the Cranio Sacral System pioneered a way of working with the brain/spinal cord and all organ systems, that has now been taught to nearly 100,000 doctors, psychiatrists, body workers and physical therapists.  His work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has brought healing and closure to countless patients.

Dr. John has recently left earth behind, but his teachings live on at The Upledger Institute, which is a hub for his work and that of Jean Pierre Barral, Bruno Chikli and others.