My life has never been quite ordinary.  Coming from a line of Irish mystics more or less guarantees that.  But to tell you the truth, I think writing stories for a living is what opens the door to genuine adventures (and to quite a few humorous mis-adventures to go with them! )

An incident Prone Life

Blessed by a lively curiosity, the Irish gift for peering behind the veil, and the fact that I was born in interesting times  — all this has provided me with fodder for my tales.


Astrology, Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, alternative healing modalities and many metaphysical disciplines have all contributed unusual experiences, but researching my books has been the true magic carpet to Saints and gurus, lamas and Medicine Men, sexual adepts, countries, cultures and quite a few other centuries.

You might say,  as I pursued stories, experiences pursued me!




I’ve sorted my ruminations and roamings  into the  categories below to keep it simple, and I’ll be adding more as I follow the threads of my newest books.  I hope  you’ll get a kick out of what a writer’s life is really like… Click on whatever tickles your fancy.


The Story Behind the Stories


Amazing Friends


My Other Writing Life!