Happy Father’s Day

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There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about and miss my father. Perhaps it was the kindness that was so much his hallmark… perhaps it was his endless patience and his willingness to drop whatever he was doing to listen, to care, to act. “Want to read me a book, Papa?”

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Posted on June 7th 2014 in Family, Poetry

A Thought for the New Year


I’d like to offer you a profound and provocative poem, with which to start this portentous New Year … this one is shaping up to be a year  of both spiritual and political drama far beyond the norm. The world is more volatile than ever now…as if there’s an energy explosion in progress, bubbling up

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Posted on December 31st 2013 in Life, Poetry

Maybe This Says it Pretty Well

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People don’t look to the long-ago poetry of Edgar Guest for soaring metaphors or complex pentameter. He was often called the People’s Poet because of his commonsense-able thoughts about life, rendered in the form of simple verse that was full of homespun wisdom and spiritual decency. When I was writing  the What Would Jesus Do blog  I remembered this poem

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Posted on February 8th 2013 in Poetry, Politics, Religion

The 4th of July Meets Memorial Day


I intended to write this for Memorial Day but got sidetracked by the hoopla around the joy of Dakota’s graduation, so I’m offering it instead as a tribute on the 4th of July. In these politically troubled times, it’s easy enough to forget that we can hate the carnage and waste of war, but still

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Posted on June 29th 2012 in Poetry, Politics, The Philosopher’s Teacup

Loving Love Poetry


You can’t grow up to be a writer of love stories, if you aren’t an incurable romantic. Despite my own history of picking lemons in the Garden of Love – and oxytocin notwithstanding – I’ve found that I need to believe in true love.  I have seen it – not often – but enough to

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Posted on January 13th 2012 in Love, Poetry, The Philosopher’s Teacup

Were You Lucky Enough to Have Parents Who Read to You?

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My parents read to me and to each other — poetry for the most part — and I never went to bed a night without memorizing a poem, or a group of verses.  If it were something lengthy like The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, I’d memorize a stanza a night, my hands-down favorite, this: “The

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Posted on December 4th 2010 in Family, Poetry
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