The Haunting of the Heart


The optioning of Paint the Wind for the movies has caused me to be reminded very hauntingly of my mother.  I should tell you, I think, that although my mother’s name was Kate, the family called her Manu, because it meant Giver of the Law in Hindi – she was a formidable force of nature,

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Posted on March 9th 2012 in Paint the Wind, The Philosopher’s Teacup

Virtual Casting Call, so far…

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Dear Readers, here’s the list of casting suggestions submitted so far. It’s amazing how many people suggested the same names…and equally amazing that many people offered the same names, but for differing roles?  Thanks for all your terrific inspirations … I can only hope Hollywood will be this creative.  It’s  such fun to dream, isn’t

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Posted on February 24th 2012 in Paint the Wind, The Philosopher’s Teacup

Paint the Wind…a Virtual Casting Call


The Indians say a story stalks a writer.  Watches, waits to see if you’re worthy of telling it.  Then it comes to live in your heart for a time, and it’s your responsibility to work very hard and learn enough to give the story the voice it deserves.  If you fail to do the legwork,

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Posted on February 10th 2012 in Paint the Wind, The Philosopher’s Teacup
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