Garden Magic and Valentine Soup


JoanHauserGardenAs the first spring planting catalogs are hitting my mailbox (which is currently knee deep in snow)  it occurs to me that for those of us dreaming ahead as we browse the hopeful seeds and bulbs to come, it might be fun to know of the lovely magical  garden folklore that’s rooted in  mystical cultures  closer to nature than we are. They say there’s playful, happy magic about healing, luck and love  in your garden, whether you choose to believe in it or not … so while winter winds rattle the chimney pots relentlessy, there’s no harm in fantasizing and maybe whipping up a recipe or two from a magical cookbook to while away the indoor hours.  The nourishment that’s in Mother Nature’s storehouse isn’t only confined to foodstuff, after all – there’s plenty of nourishment for the spirit, too. There’s an old metaphysical adage that reminds us only to feed what we want to grow, so maybe feeding the imagination with a little magic is a perfectly acceptable pleasure in any season. Continue reading “Garden Magic and Valentine Soup” »

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Life Outside the Box


EnergyAs you already know about me, I was born with a caul, so it wasn’t considered odd in an Irish family that I could see force fields around people, plants, things – not in color most of the time — but rather as some kind of exquisite electrical emanations.  The whole world of matter seemed to me to be in molecular motion – no solid object really solid — all the world around me made up of zillions upon zillions of rapidly moving infinitesimal particles.  I thought this simply meant I had better eyesight than those who couldn’t see the particles or their movement, but it really never occurred to me that it wasn’t the truth of how the world worked.  Years later, when I became seriously involved in alternative healing, martial arts and Chinese medicine, I realized that most of the practitioners of all these modalities shared my gift, and that most ancient cultures relied on the ability to see energy as a requirement for anyone who aspired to be a healer. Continue reading “Life Outside the Box” »

Time Shares in My Body


“How would you like to do a sacred ceremony to free you from whatever you choose not to carry with you, anymore?” my Medicine Woman friend asked me earnestly.  “In tribal custom,” she continued, “when the time comes for you to become a Wise Elder it’s necessary to become whole again for the good of the tribe.” Continue reading “Time Shares in My Body” »

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Illness…Finding Your Way in The Dark

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I’ve studied and worked in many areas of alternative medicine over the past 25 years.  Between my daughters’ terrible illnesses and that of others I’ve striven to heal, I expect I’ve seen nearly as much sickness and suffering as most physicians.  In the process, I’ve come to know that illness wears a thousand masks and often provides us with a unique and rarefied opportunity for learning – one we’d choose to forego, of course, if given the chance – but, nonetheless, a catalyst for breathtaking expansion.

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Alternative and Complimentary Medical Hotline

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With the exponential proliferation of Cancer on our planet, I’d like to pass along some names I think you may want to know.

When Cancer strikes, your doctor tells you what to do next.  Maybe its chemo or radiation or surgery.  Whatever he advises you’ll need to make a fast decision on something that’s a matter of life and death, that you don’t know very much about.  Odds are you’re scared, shocked and unable to think very clearly.  You need information you can trust.  Clear, concise information about the nature of your particular illness… about what options are available… about whom to call for a second opinion.

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