What’s Outside the Box?


Bigstock_5447396My mother could foretell death, my daughter described her own death in heartbreaking detail a month before it happened, we had a family Banshee and my aunts tended to communicate by telepathy.  In short, we were Irish, so none of that was beyond the Pale of plausibility.

You can imagine why, coming from such a family, my being somewhat psychic didn’t seem particularly noteworthy to me in childhood, just interesting. I could frequently see glimpses of things before they happened, and had Far Memory of other lifetimes that were quite specific.  Continue reading “What’s Outside the Box?” »

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Dr. John Upledger…Cranio Sacral Therapy


For me, Dr. John Upledger was the answer to prayer.  Literally.

My 13 year old Cee Cee was in a coma, close to dying, from an apparently undiagnosable malady no one could figure out or fix.

I’d listened for days, as doctors tried to sound as if they knew what to do, knowing in my heart they didn’t.  Frantically, I’d begun searching for a miracle.  I heard over the alternative medical grapevine, that a doctor named John Upledger was working miracles somewhere in the South.  He was an osteopath and surgeon, they said, and something much more, that no one could quantify.  In my panic, I couldn’t remember where to look for him.  But some maternal instinct – probably the intuitive equivalent of being able to lift a car off your child in an emergency – told me he could help us. Continue reading “Dr. John Upledger…Cranio Sacral Therapy” »

Grasping the Wind…The Energy Behind Acupuncture


Acupuncture MeridiansIn acupuncture charts – probably the closest most Westerners ever come to contacting the Qi concept – the meridian lines you see pictured, show the pathways by which energy flows within us.  The points on the meridians where an acupuncturist places his needles are merely spots on the energy grid where the doctor can tinker with the electrical circuitry of an individual’s life force.  If you’ve ever had your tennis elbow or sore throat cured by acupuncture, you know that a needle in one part of the body  may affect a body part several feet away.  This happens because the needle activates your Qi, which then follows a specific meridian path inside your body to its destined target. Continue reading “Grasping the Wind…The Energy Behind Acupuncture” »

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Illness…Finding Your Way in The Dark

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I’ve studied and worked in many areas of alternative medicine over the past 25 years.  Between my daughters’ terrible illnesses and that of others I’ve striven to heal, I expect I’ve seen nearly as much sickness and suffering as most physicians.  In the process, I’ve come to know that illness wears a thousand masks and often provides us with a unique and rarefied opportunity for learning – one we’d choose to forego, of course, if given the chance – but, nonetheless, a catalyst for breathtaking expansion.

Continue reading “Illness…Finding Your Way in The Dark” »

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