The Insecurity List


bigstock-Woman-Looking-At-Herself-In-Th-27551078It all started with a cocktail party conversation about the surprises Middle Age throws at you (hot flashes?  Seriously?) and what to do about them – but it ended in everybody glumly deciding a facelift might be the only hope for a happy future after middle age sets in.  Nobody admitted to having had any “work done” yet, not even the ones who had already nipped and tucked.

Ok, I admit it might never have happened without all the wine, laughter, calorie-un-conscious foods and the fact that there were only women in the room.  I mean who makes lists at a party, other than a bunch of women slightly in their cups?  Continue reading “The Insecurity List” »

Posted on March 21st 2014 in Beauty, Women

Now My Hair Needs a Plastic Surgeon, Too? You’ve Got to Be Kidding


bigstock-Summer-portrait-beautiful-fre-37407175I admit it.  I loved my hair.  All those wild red Irish tresses were as much my signature as the freckles that went with them.  By age 30 I knew I’d never let my hair go grey, red was too much part of me.

What I didn’t know then was that color would be the least of my hair issues.  Mine began to thin after the terrible shock of my daughter’s illness and death… like the small white patches that suddenly appeared on my cheek and arm as if some of my own lifeforce had gone with her.  Continue reading “Now My Hair Needs a Plastic Surgeon, Too? You’ve Got to Be Kidding” »

Posted on February 14th 2014 in Beauty, Health, Life, Women
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