The Zany Tale of How I Became an Astrologer


bigstock-two-red-hearts-over-blue-astro-41670439When I was about to get married for the first time, about a thousand years ago, a friend gave me an engagement gift of a reading with a famous astrologer for me and my fiancé.

When I got to the astrologer’s house for my reading, I could see she was a tough old bird and hardly the ethereal mystic I was anticipating.  She reared back in her chair and said, “Honey.  Not only should you not marry this guy, you should shoot him so nobody else does!”  She also said he’d be married 6 or 7 times and that I’d be divorced in 2 years, and gave me a litany of reasons for all that would transpire. Continue reading “The Zany Tale of How I Became an Astrologer” »

Posted on February 21st 2014 in Astrology, Metaphysics
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