Capricorn_Sea-GoatYou were born to be in charge. You know what you want out of life and you’re willing to work your tail off to get it. You’ll persevere when others drop out of the race… you’re patient when others lose their cool. There’s almost nothing you can’t achieve, providing you believe hard enough and keep your balance. You have the capacity to inspire trust, loyalty and constancy in those who rely on you, in work, in the family or in love. The only trouble with all that is it means you tend to shoulder the burdens of all those who think you hung the Moon.

Now for the good news: the second half of your life is infinitely easier, better and more fulfilled than the first half. You are the only sign of the zodiac in which the Fall and Winter of life are always sunnier and sweeter than the Spring and Summer were.

Earth to Capricorn

bigstock-Computer-keyboard-and-multiple-39846862So, who are you, dear Capricorn, that you tend to succeed so often in your chosen endeavors? You’re a builder by nature, and one who’s always driven by a desire to develop something more… more accomplishment, more acquisition of property, more recognition and rewards. This need is so intrinsic to your being that you just can’t imagine life without purpose. Perhaps that’s why you tend to look so serious and intent on whatever goal is in your sights.

Your earthiness has made you sensible, practical and a bit somber – at least in the face you show the world. It’s said that Capricorns are born old and grow younger, as they age. Which is a great gift, of course, because it means you’ll thoroughly enjoy the fruits of all your youthful labors, at an age when you’ve learned what life is really all about.

Your ruler, Saturn, is a tough teacher – he doesn’t let much slide, so you bring to life a steadiness that inspires others to look to you for leadership. You have a capable, practical bent that slowly, but steadily, pursues its dreams. Like the child’s story of the Tortoise and the Hare – you’re not the fastest in the race, but you’re the one to bet on, because you will reach the finish line, after the faster ones have faded.

You can fall heir to dark moods and bouts of loneliness that may color your view of the world, if you’re not careful. In truth, if you’d more easily let people in to your inner circle, you would feel less lonely, but this is not an easy task for one who proceeds as judiciously in friendship, as in business.

The Rulers Rule

bigstock-Kilcoe-castle-on-the-coast-of--26941403Capricorns tend to live by rules – their own and others’. You feel a need to exercise discipline in your life, and you’ve got the fortitude to sweat the tough stuff without acting like a martyr.

You have a dry, intelligent wit that can catch people who thought you humorless, way off guard. And that isn’t your only secret, for few realize the amorous, playful nature that hides beneath your sometimes ponderous show of propriety.

Tradition holds that Capricorns spend the first half of their lives amassing substance and security, so they can spend the second half enjoying life to the fullest… an enviable future to look forward to.

You’re a natural leader and Saturn, the Celestial Taskmaster who rules your Sign, makes certain you always do your homework, dot all I’s, cross all T’s and never let anything or anybody stand in the way of your ambitious need to scale the heights.

Yet underneath all that authoritative, hardworking confidence, there’s a deep love of family, home, hearth and all that signifies the past, be it people or antiquities. The trouble is, you appear so cool and self-contained, it throws people off the track before they uncover the romantic who lies within. Of course, that’s just the way you want it, dear, deep Capricorn, as you don’t relish anyone, however, well meaning, treading on your personal, prideful boundaries.

Capricorn and Health

The knees and shins, skin, bones and teeth are all ruled by Capricorn. Because you’re probably into some sport that gives your knees a pretty good workout, you should be aware that knee injuries are quite common to your sign. It’s essential for earthy Capricorns to keep moving, as their professions are most often sedentary ones like law, or business, or finance. You don’t want to take root and become stiff as an oak, but rather need to greet each New Year with a do-able exercise program as one of your sensible priorities. You’re blessed with fine earthy strength (oak trees can withstand all kinds of tempests) and you have the common sense to take care of yourself, if you don’t let a craving for too many goodies get in the way.

Capricorn and Love

bigstock-Woman-hands-in-light-teal-knit-55584077You look so controlled on the outside – people often miss the sexy undercurrent that makes you such a formidable lover when you find the right partner. Once you fall, you fall deep; it’s just your natural probity that makes you over-cautious about relationships.

Once in, however, you are loyal and your earthy nature takes over, so you may surprise yourself, your lover, and the world, by throwing caution to the winds. That’s when the fun-loving, deeply humorous side of your nature shines through and you become – dare we say it out loud – sexy and playful.

Do people tend to forget that you’re a feminine sign, not just a powerful, Cardinal Earthy one? It’s easy for those who don’t know you well to lose sight of your soft romantic center, in the heat of all that professional power you know how to generate so well. Just remember you are Cardinal Earth, and Mother Nature is as sexy as she is dynamic.

Capricorn and Career

You’re headed for the top… you just don’t know any other way to go. Ambition is a cornerstone of your nature, and your stars have given you ample wherewithal to make your dreams come true – although you’ll tend to call them goals, rather than dreams.

Because of the seriousness of your nature and intent, you’re immensely practical and methodical in the way you seek to achieve. Not born for speculation or wild flights of fancy, you use financial, social and educational resources to advantage, and you tend to succeed the old fashioned way: with smarts and hard work.

An abiding faith in the happy outcome of your endeavors sustains you in the hard times, and keeps you working diligently long after other signs have dropped from fatigue or loss of heart. The sure-footedness of your goat-nature enables you to leap from crag to crag, because you know in your heart of hearts that whatever effort it takes, you can and will deliver the goods.

Capricorn and Finance

We all know you’re great at this, Capricorn dear, so there’s no need to gloat. You were born to be a Material Girl or Boy and you’re darn good at gathering the material. You combine earthy practicality, with canny instinct and consummate common sense, a singularly winning trifecta when it comes to amassing success and money. All those silly people who think your planetary ruler has made you Saturnine, dour and introverted, should only know that much of your introspection time is spent on planning your next financial coup, with the gleefully optimistic conviction that it will succeed. And do you ever enjoy the spoils, once you’ve earned them. Because you work so hard, you seldom feel even a twinge of guilt, when fortune rewards you with the pot of gold.

Money and material success is very important to you, not just as a need to accumulate, but because it brings you to a position of leadership – the place where you feel most at home – and because you know instinctively that it provides you with the power to accomplish. Caesar was a Capricorn – so was St. Joan of Arc.

Capricorn and Friends

At work you may display a markedly different personality than on the home and social fronts. A part of you feels the need to be proper and judicious – that’s the side that works for you in business and all professional duties. People who see this “you” at the office, tend to respect and admire you, but may feel you’re a bit stand-offish and be afraid to approach. Once they delve beneath that buttoned up exterior, however, your fun-loving earthiness emerges loud and clear, as you don’t do anything, including pleasure, in a small way. Anyone lucky enough to get past your careful attitude in choosing friends, will find you loyal, stalwart, witty, and a secret romantic, who longs for the chance to let your hair down with a trusted ally.



Dates:                       December 23- January 20

Ruling Planet:          Saturn

Energy:                     Cardinal

Element:                   Earth

Symbol:                    The Goat

Strength:                 Determination, success, responsibility, wealth

Spirit:                       Practical accomplishment

Keywords:               Structure, accumulation

Soul Message:         “I use, so that I may learn