bigstock-Cancer-Crab-47000596As a Child of the Moon you are Cardinal Water… the most nurturing, naturally intuitive and sensual sign of the zodiac. Your symbol, the Crab, connotes your vulnerable interior that often retreats into a protective shell in order to withstand the slings and arrows of a prickly world not made for such soft hearts.

You long for love like water in the Sahara, and once you’ve found it you’ll create the softest, prettiest, sweetest home to house it, even if you have to make it all up out of your romantic fantasies, imbuing those you love with generous helpings of fairy dust, rather than reality. Romantic to the marrow, you long to keep everyone you care about fed, warm, safe and happy (whether they want you to or not). Trouble is, you set yourself a nearly impossible task, for life seldom allows domestic tranquility to be the order of business for very long, and living happily ever after, as you dream it, only happens in fairy tales.

Psychic Sponge

Blond beautiful retro woman reading book on a meadowThere are two kinds of Cancerians – some shy and unwilling to take center stage, some dying to plug in that spotlight. Whichever you are, you share a common gift with your sibling-crabs. You absorb the subtleties of everyone in your immediate vicinity like a psychic blotter. This can be useful as you can be brilliant in any business that turns on intuiting trends ahead of time, or that revolves around romance or the home. Cancer’s natural need for security prompts some serious business savvy and a willingness to work your tail off in order to climb the ladder, not out of avarice, but out of a visceral need to have the wherewithal to create a beautiful, safe nest.

The Eternal Nurturer

bigstock-cornbread-cornmeal-48264293Ruled by the Moon, the need for love/home/hearth is a driving impulse. Whether male or female, you are a nurturing, nest protector. Warm and sensual, you represent the safe-haven, the home, the nurturance of all that’s life sustaining. You tend to live in your emotions and your psychic intuitions, which can be helpful if you learn how to trust your inner knowing, but can also propel you into moodiness and melancholia as your psychic nerve endings perceive every nuance of emotion for fifty miles in any direction.

The Crab icon carries its haven on its back so it can retreat to safety when threatened and this vulnerability issue is one you’ll definitely have to deal with. You are capable and self-sufficient on the outside, but inside your psyche you crave love like a drowning man craves a life preserver. And you are hurtable in ways that others don’t understand.

Psychic sponge that you are, you take in everything, get hurt by quite a lot of it, then make your decisions about life based on feeling first, thought later. If you learn to use this to your advantage, those watery insights can bring fame, fortune, love and fulfillment, but it’s a tall order to expect all that of a heart that’s so easily broken.

The Past is Your Passion

Cancerians are drawn to the past – antiques, genealogy, history, traditions – all these throw-backs fill you with a sense of deepest comfort. You want to explore the meaning of life and death from the most profound soul place and you have the unique ability to plan for the future, dwell in the past, and work spectacularly well in the present without thinking that’s even odd. It can, however, be a bit confusing for those around you. However, you go so far out of your way to keep everyone you love happy, safe, warm and contented, they’ll probably just go with the flow.

Moon children are viscerally aware of all hidden undercurrents and can be easily caught in the undertow of the emotions all around them, so it’s important to choose environment, friends, jobs and lovers with a self-protective eye toward what will buoy your spirits, not sink your ship.

You must also take care to let those you love be self-determining – even though you mean to protect them, you must try not to smother/mother them into rebellion.

Cancerians and Health

Cancerians have weak stomachs and great breasts. Your nervous worry-wart side tends to keep your belly tied in knots whenever life doesn’t measure up to your hopes and dreams – which is much of the time.

You probably love to cook and to eat, so weight is a Cancerian issue that keeps coming up to haunt. Why, oh why, didn’t God make hot fudge sundaes with the calories of carrots? You tend to be stoic in ill health and seldom complain until things have gotten seriously out of hand.

Your greatest health problems are triggered by sadness, melancholy and exhaustion when you feel bereft of the affection you need so badly, or when betrayal has decimated your world and your self-esteem. Both these problems tend to revolve around those you love, so you live on a roller-coaster of everyone else’s feelings. For Cancerians, a happy heart produces a healthy body.

Cancerians and Love

bigstock-Love-Lolly-Pops-56596088You’re probably the most vulnerable sign of the zodiac where love’s concerned, my friend (although Pisces can give you a run for your money in this area). You’re a romantic pushover, who can fall too easily and once you’re in, you’re in too deep. Your sensors that are great in business shut down whenever your heart’s engaged, so smart as you are about other matters, you can be fooled in love more often than not, with terribly heart-achy results.

If you do finally find the one of our dreams, you’ll love with a forever-passion – fidelity is your middle name. Or maybe it’s sex, as they vie with each other for first place in your nature. Love and loyalty seem synonymous to you, so you throw yourself into your relationship, your beloved, and the home you share, with such single-mindedness that it can easily smother any partner who cherishes freedom or doesn’t understand devotion. Endeavor to choose wisely, and seek a mate who shares your love of home, hearth and family. If you can pull that off, you can live happily ever after with a lucky one who has snagged a loving partner who thinks happily-ever-after is a normal desire.

Cancerians and Career

bigstock-Jobs-And-Careers-49006214Yours is a complex Moon-driven power that allows for unusual success stories in career. Your instinctual connection to the past makes you a shoo-in for antiquarian professions or any business that deals with the past. You’re a shrewd bargainer and dealmaker, because your need for security drives you to unique perceptions about the value of things, just as your intense intuition gives you clues to the best way to handle the opposition.

Once you commit to a person or a plan, the Seven Nation Army couldn’t move you from your resolve. All of which can make you both rich and successful, if you don’t let it worry you to death, first.

Cancerians and Finance

You’re a hoarder by nature – an accumulator with an astute sense of what’s valuable. You like money because it allows you to feather your nest the way you want and it allows you to stop worrying for ten minutes a day. It eases your basic insecurities to know there’s enough in the bank so, like Scarlett, you’ll “never go hungry again.”

Odds are you’ll make money and you’ll keep it – probably not through speculation, but the old fashioned way: You’ll work for it, invest it prudently, and rest easier at night knowing it’s there.

Cancerians and Friends

You have more friends than you know what to do with because of your warmth, geniality and compassionate good nature. But in your heart of hearts, there’s only one or two who know your secret, fragile self and are trustworthy enough to share confidences and vulnerabilities.

You’re the kind of friend who’ll keep a secret, go to the mat for a pal and expect the same unequivocal loyalty in return. You love friends with the same undying devotion you lavish on lovers, but if your trust is betrayed and someone hurts you to the heart, that, too, is forever. There is an emotional line secreted in you that once crossed, can seldom be uncrossed.

As the years accumulate, you’ll find that while new friends are silver the old ones are gold. It’s not in the least unusual for a Cancerian to have at least one lifelong best friend, and the loss of one you love leaves a hole in your world that may never be filled by another.




Dates:                       June 22-July 23

Ruling Planet:          Venus

Energy:                     Cardinal

Element:                   Water

Symbol:                    The Crab

Strength:                 Loving, maternal, steadfast, enduring 

Spirit:                       Nurturing, emotional, intuitive, magical

Keywords:               Intuitive wisdom, incurable romantic, lover of beauty

Soul Message:         “I feel”