“… a fast moving plot with panache, weaving in plenty of explicit sex, action-packed adventure and credible characterization.”

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Six beautiful women…

Six powerful men…

A vacation in paradise…

or a deadly game of survival?



It began with an invitation to the world’s most exotic pleasure island. It became a nightmare of obsession and murder.

Now six of the world’s most powerful men are about to learn what money can’t buy.

And six of the world’s most beautiful women are about to prove that they’re nobody’s trophies.



Thoros Gagarian, one of the world’s richest men, owns a private island Paradise in the South Pacific. He and his five closest rich-and-famous pals have planned a week of sex and sunshine. Each has chosen a “Trophy” woman to take with him to Paradise.


The women (who don’t know it yet) are to be a sort of glorified office grab-bag — six gorgeous bimbos for the boys to enjoy. But when one man takes his pleasure too far — and the others try to bury the facts with an indecent proposal — these wealthy and powerful men find out their trophies are anything but bimbos.


Smart, resourceful, talented, and mad as Hell, the women turn the tables on the men, and the battle of the sexes turns into all-out war.


But when the jungle threatens to consume them all… when Mora Utu itself, like the brooding Gods that silently preside over its domain, demands blood sacrifice, both the men and the women must reconsider who their allies really are, when it’s a matter of life and death.


THE PLAYGROUND OF THE GODS mixes Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, with lust, obsession, murder, and surprising self-discovery, for an action packed adventure in the wild. There’s love, treachery, heroism, and a pair of native sorcerers to be reckoned with, as six high-rollers and six feisty young women re-write the rules on who’s a trophy, and who’s a genuine prize.


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