‘It’s the Gone with the Wind of the West!’

Gerald A. Browne, author Stone 588




“…an unforgettable tale of love, ambition and adventure.”

Literary Guild






Wide as the continent and wild as the west, Paint the Wind is the epic saga of one unforgettable woman and three strong men who risk everything to possess her.

1864. A plantation is ravaged by boarder raiders. Ten year old Fancy Deverell is saved by a wise old slave named Atticus, who sets her on a rambunctious journey into the rough and tumble days of the Old West. The novel sweeps along with the relentless rhythm of those turbulent times…

From a westering circus train, to the gold and silver fields of Colorado… from the cutthroat world of the New York stage and the arcane shadows of magic and mysticism, to the legendary struggles of Geronimo and the Apache Nation, Paint the Wind has it all.

FANCY DEVERALL – fiesty, tempestuous, vulnerable, must learn what it takes for a woman to climb from poverty to fame and fortune… in a universe that belongs to the ruthless and the male.Before she’s through, there isn’t much that she won’t have done, or bargained, or sold for her dreams…and the price of her deliverance.


CHANCE McALLISTER – his gambler’s luck is legendary, like his prowess in bed, and Chance is precisely the kind of rogue Fancy desires.


HART McALLISTER– a giant of a man with a soul and a talent to match, Chance’s brother is an artist whose paintings of the dying Apache Nation will hang in the Louvre…but it won’t mean a damn to him if he can’t have Fancy.


JASON MADIGAN– a wizard at making deals and breaking lesser men, he’s someone who kills for sport. And Fancy is the only woman he has ever needed to own, whatever the cost.


Against this huge, vividly rendered, multi-charactered canvas, three resolute men do battle for the woman called Fancy in a novel that for its scope and grandeur belongs on the shelf with the classic epics of our time.


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“A sprawling entertainment that’s also an admirable work of fiction…” Booklist