“Almost impossible to put down… one powerful scene after another, and the strong plotting draws you helplessly on.”

– Publishers Weekly




“A cross between The Thorn birds and Ragtime!”

– New York Daily News





So much can happen in a lifetime of striving…

So many loves…

So many betrayals…

so many tears…

so many triumphs…

So Many Partings


Ireland 1874. In a small whitewashed cottage on the grounds of a great estate, a baby boy is born. His name is Tom Dalton. He is the son of an Irish Earl and the housemaid who loves him…

So begins the story of a family whose past is deeply rooted in the turbulence of Irish history, but who’s fortunes are tied to the boisterous and ambitious America of the early twentieth century. From the poverty of the Irish immigrant to the wealth of the self-made man… from the sorrows of a young boy, deserted by fortune and family, to the triumph of a patriarch capable of outwitting Fate itself – this is the story of Thomas Dalton and the women who shape his life.



Love and Betrayal


TOM DALTON—His dreams were born of shame, fired by shrewd ambition. His future lay in the hands of those who would love and betray him.


MARY DALTON—Tom’s mother. The secret guilt of her past would destroy her future—unless she made the most heart-wrenching sacrifice of all.


BILLY—New York’s most notorious madam. It was her love for Tom that made him a threat to all she’d achieved.


DIAMOND JIM MULVANEY—He’d broken every rule to build a mighty financial and political empire As a mentor, he was generous and loyal; as an enemy, deadly.


DEIRDRE—Jim’s exquisite, convent-bred daughter. She would defy her father to seize love’s ecstasy, but her joy was fated to be tragically brief.


MEGAN—She was born in the aftermath of heartbreak. For her sake, Tom would seize the ancient Irish legacy that was rightfully his.


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