“Spine-tingling . The suspense, which rivals the best of Stephen King, builds until…the final, chilling conclusion.”

West Coast Review of Books




“A stolen child… an ancient curse…a cop, a priest and a grandma for heroes. What a walloping good story!”

-Gerald A. Brown -11 Harrowhouse, Stone 588




A Devil Cult wants your child

You’ve just told them to go to hell.

Heaven help you now…



Maggie O’Connor is a 42-year-old grandmother. She is also about to do battle

with Satan… she just doesn’t know it yet.


A vibrant, attractive, recently widowed partner in a Manhattan antiquities

shop, Maggie is raising her 4 year old granddaughter, Cody, left behind in

infancy by her heroin addicted mother, Jenna.


But when Jenna reappears with a sinister and wealthy husband, Eric

Vannier, to retrieve the child, Maggie is plunged into the nightmare

knowledge that the Vanniers head a Satanic Cult and intend to sacrifice

Cody in an ancient blood ritual.



Battle Royal

Shocked and terrified, Maggie finds  the law won’t back her up, and

the Mossad and Mohabarat are on her trail — even if they don’t

believe the ancient Egyptian Prophecy about the Isis Amulet. But there’s

an Exorcist priest who believes… and a Rabbi who practices Kabbalah who

knows too much not to believe. And ancient, raging memories of another

lifetime are lapping at her terrifying dreams.


Everyone wants this child. Even the Devil himself.


You’ll be touched to the heart…

and chilled to the bone.


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Move over Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist and The Cradle Will Fall. There’s a new little girl in town and millions are already opting to Bless the Child.