Heartfelt Thanks to My Readers


When I was a child, most days, after school, I went to the library, a magnificent old edifice with crenellated battlements, a round tower and several leftover suits of armor, collected by some turn of the century tycoon, who’d left his gothic pile to the town as a book depository.

To this fairytale place, I would go on my bike to do homework and read.  The tower housed the classics, which no one cared a fig about, so I had it and them to myself, an elegant fortress world filled with other people’s dreams.  I read my way around the room methodically as a mouse nibbling a round of cheddar, succulent nourishment plumping up my psyche.

I could imagine no more thrilling destiny than to grow up to be an author. To this minute, I still feel just that way.  So I’d like to thank each and every one of you – the millions of readers who have made such a beautiful dream come true.