Bless the Child



Q.  The movie with Kim Basinger was very different from your story!  What happened in Hollywood, and how much did it upset you to lose so much of the mysticism and spirituality in the transition to the screen?

Q.  Maggie’s love for Cody and her battle to save her are so emotion-charged for the reader – what is it like emotionally for you, when you write such a disturbing story?

Q.  Did your book have the sanction of the Catholic Church?  How do you know so much about exorcism?

 Q.  You’re an astrologer and have been an astrology columnist for several magazines.  Do you really believe the stars influence our lives?

Q.  Will we see a sequel about Cody?  Everybody wants to know what happens to her next?  Will she save the world in 2012?  

Q.  Do you believe in an actual battle between Good and Evil?  Are you psychic?  How much of Maggie is you?

Q.  Maggie and Devlin… Maggie and Peter… you’ve written more than once about people torn between two loves.  Does that reflect your own life, or is it a conflict you believe exists for most women?