bigstock-Aries-Ram-47457253The zodiac begins with Aries.  The sun’s dynamic energy is untamed there, and Mars, your celestial ruler, propels you out of the starting gate at a dead run.  Never give up!  Never give in!  That’s your motto.  Courageous, daring, aggressive and fiery you, dear Aries, are always driving forward in confident expectation of winning.

You are action-central.  You’ve got the will to begin, the courage to breakthrough, and the daring to rampage forward, no matter the odds.

The symbol for Aries is the Ram and you’re just as forthright as your glyph suggests.  If you can control your impulsiveness and your conviction that your way is the only way, you can ride your fiery energy and pioneering spirit into a spectacularly successful life and career.  While you like to risk, you’re seldom irrational, and your practical, positive nature will not be put off by obstacles.  If something doesn’t work, you just roll up your sleeves and fix it (or drive right over it).  Hannibal’s famous motto, “We will find a way or make one” is exactly your attitude about life.

You Thrive on Challenge

bigstock-Woman-Ready-For-Running-On-Bea-56877680The Universe has to hit you over the head with a mallet to discourage you, as you thrive on an obstacle course, seeing each new contrary situation as both a challenge and an opportunity to win.

Patience is what you have least of, but you know that already.  You want results and you want them now.  Quick to act in any emergency, quick to make decisions without flinching, and always available to lead, your alert, inquiring mind is one of the finest in the zodiac.  Just be aware that it can sometimes make you distractible and unwilling to stick with anything that has lost your immediate interest.  Isn’t it a pain that what the Universe wants you to learn is usually just what you like least?  But you’re hardwired to succeed, and whatever it takes – even learning patience – is something you’re game to do.

An Aries lifetime always provides opportunities for new beginnings – it’s time to recreate yourself through action and determination.  Mars, your fiery ruler, is the God of War, the essence of dynamic action and the key source of sexuality in the zodiac.  He makes you highly competitive and a natural born leader, whether it’s an army, a corporation or a PTA you’ve decided to lead to victory.  Not only are you a sexual dynamo and a force to be contended with, but when you make up your mind to win, the first three rows better stand back, because you’re coming through.

Just be aware that there is a tendency in you to want to force your way through or over any and all obstacles – which is a spectacular trait in business, but can be a tricky one for others to live with.  You’ll need to find a mate who’s willing to trade control for absolute equality, fair-mindedness, and a life of unequivocal passion, as passion is your middle name. 

Thoughts to Consider

bigstock-Control-Emotions--56416613The spiritual tweaks for an Aries lifetime have to do, in great measure, with respect and diplomacy.  If you can learn to reason with others who have a different point of view and if you can truly respect the intelligence of the non-Ariens around you (even when they disagree with you), you’re a force of nature that’s hard to stop.  Just remember that impatience goes hand-in-hand with your fiery nature, so its important to learn to stay cool and to use your formidable intelligence and common sense to bring your dreams to fruition.  Butting heads and bashing down walls has its time and place, but all those other excellent Aries traits like passionate strength of mind and purpose, swift decision-making, clear thinking and direct action are equally important in snagging the brass ring.

Because of your enterprising nature and your conviction that you’re meant to win, you have a tendency to throw caution to the winds and can sometimes underestimate the capabilities of others.  It will help you if you always make certain you assess others carefully (even generously) and always do your homework, so that forging ahead doesn’t land you in hot soup.  As to that temper of yours… it’s quick to flare, hot enough to leave only cinders in its wake, and just as quickly, gone.  But the good news is you hardly ever hold grudges, and you like to get everything out in the open where it can be dealt with and forgotten.  Just keep in mind that those you’ve bested may not be as quick to forget as you are.

Aries and Health

bigstock-Yoga-people-training-and-medit-45657895Aries rules the head, but nerves and stomach as well can be areas of health concern.  All the clashing of horns that goes with the Aries temperament can cause headaches that are monumental, and temporary stress disorders are common Arien complaints.  You tend to be hale, hearty, healthy and athletic – the only catch is that all that fire doesn’t lend itself to relaxation, so you really have to work hard at R&R.  And no, that doesn’t mean a competitive game of field hockey counts as a vacation.

You have a short fuse and your emotional volatility can give you agita.  If you let your anger vent (and usually you do) there’s not a problem.  But if you hold it in, simmering and steaming until smoke whooshes out of your ears, you can really blow the lid off.

But don’t fret about all this fire burning the candle at both ends, my Arien friend.  You don’t like illness one bit – you’re much too impatient and restless to lie in bed – so you tend to be great at speedy recoveries and most of your life should be spent in dynamic pursuit of your heart’s desire.

Aries and Love

Bigstock_59647322You’re passionate in love and sexually you’re both aggressive and playful – so you go after what you want and then have lots of fun enjoying your prize.  You tend toward powerful partners, as wimps of any variety are a cosmic turn-off and you thoroughly enjoy a challenge, in bed or out.

You’ll want a spirit of adventure in your romances, and an equal partner in life, even if that means you jostle each other in the battle for who’s on top today – a little skirmish to an Aries just makes the blood run faster.

You expect to be both loyal and honorable to your beloved.  The only issue to keep an eye on is a tendency toward jealousy, as the intensity of your passions can sometimes run amok into possessiveness.  No one can control you or tame you, but if someone truly wins your loyal heart, your impulsive, adventurous life-force will sustain a long-term action-packed marriage that brings a spirit of fierce nobility to the equation of love.

Aries and Career

bigstock-Choice-Of-Career-Orientation-45466882You’re a world-beater at business – industrious, dynamic, innovative and competitive.  You like to win and mostly, do.

You excel at action and are far too assertively restless to be trapped in a career that feels humdrum.  You need to know you can excel, so you thrive in competitive environments where there’s a well-defined opportunity to land on the top rung of the ladder.

Definitely not a groupie, you’re often too individualistic and independent to be happy as part of a team, unless of course, you’re in charge of the team, in which case you’ll do a splendid job.

You like luxury and get depressed in a shabby environment, so there’s plenty of incentive to do well at your chosen endeavor.  You also get a kick out of starting things, and are quite willing to work alone, so you have the perfect spirit for anything entrepreneurial.

Aries and Finance

bigstock-Time-And-Money-71160Money is probably not your God, but you’re very practical about knowing what it can buy.  You like to do well, you like the good life and you like the fashionable – ergo you are not likely to be a slouch where earnings are concerned.  Aries can be astute and aggressive money managers, the kind who take enough risks to optimize potential investments.     Aries does like to live for the moment, but fortunately, for the most part, you learned young that to create the world you want to live in, you’ll have to be sensible about  your finances.  If you really get into the spirit of investing, your competitive nature can give you quite an edge.

Aries and Friends

2bigstock-happy-smiling-spring-or-summer-21789347Aries make friends well and easily.  You tend to be fun-loving and have a gregarious personality.  You don’t care in the least to stay in a friendship that’s stale or boring, and you always seem to find new friends on the horizon, as people tend to seek out Ariens for advice and counsel.

The famed Aries snappish tongue can alienate without meaning to, but you really mean well toward your friends and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, even when you occasionally bite their heads off.  It’s just that you always take the shortest route between two points and that can be too abrupt for pals with a sensitive nature, so you need to mind your p’s and q’s where tact is concerned.

Entertaining friends and family is an Aries turn-on and in a social situation, an Arien host or hostess can radiate graciousness with the best of them.  Your parties may well be the ones everyone wants to be invited to, and they’ll be as gratifying to you as they are to your happy guests.



Dates:                       March 21-April 20

Ruling Planet:          Mars

Energy:                     Cardinal

Element:                   Fire

Symbol:                    The Ram

Strength:                 Dynamic drive, warrior nature 

Spirit:                       Assertive, daring, courageous, honorable, pioneering

Keywords:               Challenge, adventure, control, competition

Soul Message:         “I am”