Aquarius Water BearerYou’re probably the hardest sign of the Zodiac for others to figure out, dear Aquarius.  You Water-bearers are the mental pioneers, the philanthropists and the visionaries already living with one foot in future-world.  Yet you tend to be closer to your vision and work than to people, and you often lose yourself in the freedom your soul demands, so that you ultimately stand alone.

Truth is you’re quite intellectually elite in your thinking.  Far out there… beyond the edge… outside the box.  However, you couch it, you’re not ordinary and you’re certainly not average.  You tinker with the unknowable and don’t believe in hanging onto old, outworn ideas, values, equipment, definitions, or even people.

Your ideals are grandiose and often extraordinary.  Save the world, save the galaxy, save the spotted owl… causes excite you, as long as they’re large and likely to change something drastically.  Local causes, like the needy old person next door, may escape your notice entirely as you venture forth to save the world.

It’s said that you’d rather have a full mind than a full stomach – and in truth, creature comforts are not all that much of an issue for you.  Intellect is.  You admire truth and genuine intellectual curiosity.  You abhor injustice, superficiality and boredom.

You’re creative in all things including love, where you’re seldom conventional and tend toward the oddball and the unexpected.

You’re Out There

bigstock-Peace-16046468Your detractors accuse you of detachment and, indeed, this is both your weakness and your strength, for the usual sticky-stuff of human relationships, not only doesn’t interest you, you barely know it’s there.  Your best love tends to be given to humankind at large, rather than to one individual human but, if you do fall deeply in love, it’s generally because you’ve discovered an intellectual attraction too strong for you to walk away from it.  Whatever the reason you finally fall, you will never allow yourself to be fully possessed by another, no matter how crazy you are about your beloved.  Nor would you dream of wanting to possess, for your innate sense of freedom wouldn’t find either possessing or being possessed an acceptable way to live.

You cannot be captured or restrained any more than the force of electricity or electromagnetism can, yet you’re a capable organizer who can use your iconoclasm to forge new trails and invent entire new systems or new ways of being that ultimately give a gift to everyone.  Paradoxical, yes?  And intellectually intriguing, which is right up your alley.

Age of Aquarius

bigstock-vector-psychedelic-pop-art-wom-25804838You have two celestial rulers, not one, and each is a demanding powerhouse.  Uranus is the shattering force that breaks up old patterns and explodes outmoded thought forms.  Saturn defines limitations, and crystallizes new structures into being, to replace the ones that Uranus has trounced.  Together, these two can lead you to break brilliant new ground and explode so far out of the box that the world is never again the same.  Pretty heady stuff, isn’t it Aquarius… no wonder the Age of Aquarius is the one the world has been waiting for.

The spiritually awakened Aquarian not only invents new ideas, he/she wants to share them with all humankind.  Your glyph shows the Water Carrier, about to pour his largesse out of his personal vessel to replenish the world.  The paradox of this generous philanthropy is that in pursuing the grand cause, you may overlook the people on your doorstep who long for your attention.  So stay alert to those you love – the ones you don’t want to lose in the headiness of your altruistic ambitions.

This decade, opportunity calls out to you from an expanding social network and your supercharged personal creativity.  Your ability to ride the waves of change with equanimity will also put you ahead of the pack and keep you there.  Someone once quipped of Aquarian Orson Welles that you could hear wings beating in the air before he entered a room.  Perhaps, the same could be said of you.

Pushed by Uranus, the planet of surprise and revelation, you’re better able to cope with unpredictability and change than the average bear, which is just what the doctor ordered ever since the Millennium kicked the Universe into an accelerated High Gear.  While most of the world is feeling frenzied and unnerved by this acceleration and upheaval, you tend to feel lucky and empowered.  You’re the ultimate individualist and your ideas are years ahead of the curve, so you’ll ride the wave of this crazy energy with your usual intellectual curiosity, genius for original thought and amazing detachment from the sturm und drang of everyday existence.  In short, you have the perfect Uranian temperament to weather the leap to a new energetic consciousness without getting your knickers in a twist.

So greet the current energy storm with your usual fascination for the new and untried.  Let the challenge of the unknown feed your soul and inspire you to inspire others.

Aquarius and Health

bigstock-Cropping-Lettuce-5330015Aquarians tend to be wiry and quite interested in their own health and well-being, so for the most part I don’t have to worry about you.  You have superb resistance to illness and a strong constitution – besides which, you take care of yourself with more intelligent common sense than most of the zodiac. That said, you are also rebellious and so assured that your way is the right way to go that you can be angry and self-absorbed in your dealings with those who don’t want to do whatever it is your way…and this stubborness and oddball rigidity, while well intentioned, can cause you nervous agitation and nerve-related illness. You must watch out for your own intensity straining the bounds of health and happiness.

Aquarius and Love

bigstock-Heart-Symbol-Drawn-In-The-Sand-48217328You can be an enigma… cool, aloof and stand-offish, yet exuding sexuality, charm and wit.  You’ll need to find a mate who intrigues you intellectually and whose moral code measures up to yours but doesn’t demand conventional boundaries.  The only boundaries you acknowledge are those of your own code.  No matter how sexy and delicious a potential suitor may seem to others, if he/she doesn’t meet the above criteria, you couldn’t care less if he/she falls off the edge of the earth.

Aquarians are not demonstrative by nature and you have your own rules of the road.  But if someone perseveres and wins your heart, you make an excellent spouse and companion in life, provided he/she knows what boundaries not to transgress.

Freedom is not just your preference, it’s your need, so those who love you – family, friends, mates, children – need to know that excessive demands will not only turn you off, they’ll go unheeded.

The fact remains that you have the capacity to detach and observe humanity from afar, with a clinician’s observatory skill, and you may also appear a trifle eccentric to those more conventional.  So… the bottom line is that only those who have the capacity to understand you on a profound level, will get through.  Which is just as you want it.

Aquarius and Career

bigstock-Female-Researcher-Using-Micros-60140795You excel at brain games and any job that has a little idealism thrown in.  Your creativity, while it may be a bit off the wall for your more mundane associates, definitely makes you a contender.  You like to be busy with the new – be it ideas or plans or opportunities – and God help the boss who sticks you into anything routine and expects your attention not to wander.

You need to learn patience with others who are less imaginative – they just can’t see the vision as easily as you can.

Art, culture, music (Mozart was a Water-bearer, too), invention, and electronics are your métier – to say nothing about socially altruistic causes.

You’ll work hard to achieve your goal, but with Uranus as your guiding light, you may just get what you want as a surprise.

Aquarius and Finance

bigstock-Saving-Money-1003044Because of your potential for genius and your highly intuitive approach to all life, you have a real shot at making a lot of money.  Uranians in an age of electronics tend to have the whiz-kid gene, and even if you don’t have that, you’ve probably got great instincts about handling money and investments.

If you follow your star into social work or other altruistic endeavors, you may not make millions, but the odds are you’ll never want for a meal or a roof either, as your acute mind will generally create a life you like, no matter at what socio-economic level you find yourself at.

Aquarius and Friends

bigstock-Male-and-female-feet-are-stand-51344773While you appear affable and good-natured on the outside, and well able to make friends, you are not really a social animal.  There’s a separateness that you need and a certain unconscious aloofness that is the hallmark of your sign no matter what.

Your optimistic nature finds interest in so many pursuits that you may attract quite a coterie of acquaintances, but your true friendships will be few and far between.  When you find a pal whom you like and admire, you’ll probably be friends for life, as you’re a respectful, loyal and dependable person by inclination.



Dates:                       January 21- February 19

Ruling Planet:          Uranus (Saturn)

Energy:                     Fixed

Element:                   Air

Symbol:                    The Water Carrier

Strength:                 Cerebral, inventiveness

Spirit:                       Original, brilliant, uncomplicated, detached

Keywords:               Humanitarian, unpredictable, scientific, elasticity

Soul Message:         “I rule