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With the exponential proliferation of Cancer on our planet, I’d like to pass along some names I think you may want to know.

When Cancer strikes, your doctor tells you what to do next.  Maybe its chemo or radiation or surgery.  Whatever he advises you’ll need to make a fast decision on something that’s a matter of life and death, that you don’t know very much about.  Odds are you’re scared, shocked and unable to think very clearly.  You need information you can trust.  Clear, concise information about the nature of your particular illness… about what options are available… about whom to call for a second opinion.

Ralph Moss

Ralph Moss, a Ph.D. formerly with Memorial Sloan Kettering, has a database you need to know about.  He can overnight you a packet of information that will be specific to your type of cancer, and will give you vital data on all available Conventional Medical Treatments and Alternative Treatments.  He has statistical data on cure rates, and there’ll be telephone numbers to make your search easier.

Log on to to get information that can help you make an informed decision.

Pulse of the Patient

You definitely should check out a brand new website called Pulse of the Patient, The quality of life site for anyone touched by cancerSM. It’s a place where people who are ill can find others like themselves to talk to…they can find state of the art medical information… they can find resources difficult to come by and they can discuss what they learn and what they’re experiencing with others who are going through similar trauma.

This site is brand new and is starting with Colorectal Cancer patients, but will shortly branch out to other cancers and other life threatening illnesses.

If this terrible disease has touched your life or that of someone you love, these are two sites you definitely should know about.


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Posted on December 4th 2010 in Medicine, The Philosopher’s Teacup

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