Dear Book Club Readers,

I’ve had a fabulous time talking to book clubs over the years, while on my many cross-country book tours.

Now that Skype, speaker phones and Instant Messaging offer even more ways to connect, I’d like to extend an offer to book clubs everywhere.

Invite me to your meeting and I’ll be delighted to talk about any or all of my books – from my newly published novel, Lark’s Labyrinth, and my new little book of Uncommon Prayer, Snowflake from the Hand of God – all the way back to my first bestseller, So Many Partings.

I’m available to join your book club by phone anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and anywhere on planet Earth, by Skype.

Just click here to contact me and set something up.


Need Sample Questions?

If you’d like some sample questions to get your discussion going, just click on a title for suggestions:


   Lark’s Labyrinth

   Snowflake from the Hand of God

   Bless The Child

   The Playground of the Gods

   Paint the Wind

   So Many Partings

   An Excess of Love


Needless to say, these are just suggestions – you’ll have lots of your own ideas to explore when we chat.  Many groups like to hear how the stories were inspired, the vicissitudes of publishing, where the research led me, and what adventures I had along the way.  Because I often mix history with contemporary tales, the question of what’s real and what’s fictitious is a big one.  And of course, there’s a thread of the occult that runs through my stories…

I’m very much looking forward to chatting with you.