Living at the Speed of Light


bigstock-Portrait-of-girl-on-tire-swing-47001283Remember when the speed of life and the speed of light were not identical? 

Remember screened-in porches meant for sitting and talking or just thinking long thoughts about life?  Remember garden swings, sweet summer afternoons wandering a meadow, picking apples in the fall, a Christmas tree you’d trekked through snow to find and then helped cut down?  Remember life before cell phones, iPads, computers and a wretched economy sucked us all into a machine-made world in which speed and efficiency were the only coin of the realm? Continue reading “Living at the Speed of Light” »

Posted on April 26th 2014 in Life

The Message: My New Book…Just Released


Motherbookv2 For many years I kept my metaphysical world mostly under wraps.  I had children to raise, a business to run, a husband to please, and the world had not yet caught up with the Other Worldly studies that allowed me a window to a far larger reality than most people know about.  A reality in which prayer moved mountains, angels intervened in human affairs, healing of body, mind and spirit came from an infinite number of dimensions beyond the visible.  A reality where Qi and the frequencies of light and sound go beyond our current understanding of quantum physics into metaphysics and open cosmic doors to all the dimensions that constitute the next frontier of human exploration.  Continue reading “The Message: My New Book…Just Released” »

Posted on April 19th 2014 in Metaphysics

Timing is Everything


bigstock-New-Year-s-at-midnight--Old-g-54173342Do the people you love own certain times of your day – stalwart custodians of some magical clock?

I never meet a day or a coffee pot without remembering the sound of my father’s voice in the early morning.  I see him standing by the coffee pot, his greeting optimistic as dawn, cup in hand ready to reach it out to me, sustenance of so many kinds writ large in that eternal gesture of generosity. Continue reading “Timing is Everything” »

Posted on April 12th 2014 in Death, Life
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